Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza vs hand tossed pizza: Detailed overview

Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza vs hand tossed? The first pizzeria opened in Italy in 1830. After work, Italians willingly went to a cozy place to eat their favorite dish, and drink wine or coffee. The idea was immediately picked up by other Italian entrepreneurs, and the number of pizzerias in the country began to grow rapidly.

The history of Italy is full of difficult periods, the standard of living for Italians often became critically low, and thousands of people went in search of a better life to other countries. Many people ended up in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century and introduced local residents to their culture, including the culture of eating pizza.

Americans readily accepted the new dish, and the number of chain restaurants offering pizza, including delivery, began to grow rapidly. Eating this dish fits perfectly into the American lifestyle. The dish was slightly adapted to the tastes of Americans – only in the USA, when preparing pizza dough, vegetable oil is added to it. Instead of the classic tomato paste, American chefs often use barbecue tomato sauce.

According to the results of the research, such interesting facts became known: one European eats 300 kg of pizza a year, but the American eats less – only 46 slices of pizza. More than 500 million pizzas are eaten worldwide every day, which is almost 180 billion pizzas a year. These calculations were carried out only according to cafes, pizzerias, and restaurants.

Dominos Pizza, Brooklyn or Hand Tossed Pizza?

If you’re questioning the dissemblance between Domino’s hand-tossed and the Brooklyn style pizza options, then you’ve come to the right place. In short, both pizzas are prepared on the same dough. If our lovely readers strive to know all the details about Brooklyn Style pizza and Hand tossed pizza, they should keep reading. You will know which of the above-mentioned pizzas has thinner crust, which option offers more cheese, how Brooklyn style pizzas got their name etc.


Neither of the mentioned options is baked in a high-sided pan, instead, they’re put in aluminum frying pans with thin bottoms in order to give them crispiness which those of Domino’s hand pan pizzas lack.

What essentially sets these pizzas apart is the size and crunchiness of the dough. Read more about what size is a large pizza in our article. Brooklyn style pizza has a thinner crust and wonderful crispness to it, unlike the hand tossed pizza wich has a thick crust and is more dense.

Domino’s decided to add Brooklyn style pizza to their menu to give their customers a taste of the authenticity normally only available to New Yorkers. Considering the fact that the slices of this pizza are served in a large size and the pizza base is thin thanks to its hand-stretched dough, you can feel like a real New Yorker because such a pizza is very convenient to eat when folded, that’s what you call New York style pizza.

After all, we all know these scenes from films where the characters take truly giant slices of thin pizza and eat it with pleasure, folding it for convenience and washing it down with soda. New York pizza is something of a legend, from the cartoon turtles who couldn’t live without it, to nearly everyone’s favorite sitcoms and shows that have at least one scene of the characters eating the pizza. You can also compare Italian pizza vs American pizza.

You must have been salivating while watching these scenes, and New York was so far away…

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed: What Makes Them Different Anyway?

Brooklyn style pizza uses a special, authentic hand stretching technique to make the dough thinner, so it is a thin crust pizza. This pizza is served in wide slices, and the sides of this pizza are very crispy.

Among other things, less water is added to the dough during the cooking process, as is customary in New York pizzerias. Brooklyn style pizza is made by hand at all stages, including kneading the dough and placing it in the oven.

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  • Among the features of the filling, it is worth highlighting that Brooklyn style pizza has delicious pepperoni, and its opponent has much more gooey in good way cheese.
  • Brooklyn-style pizza is just perfect for those who like less dough and more toppings. It has crispy sides and special ingredients that make it so temptingly crispy. The thickness of the Brooklyn-style pizza dough is less than Domino’s hand-tossed pizza, but not the thinnest among all the Domino’s pizza variations.
  • Making dough is a very important part of making pizza. In this case, everything matters. Ingredients, kneading method, amount of dough you take, and at what temperature the pizza will be cooked. Just imagine the crunch of a thin pizza, nothing overshadows the taste of the meat filling, and the golden crust beckons you to take another bite.

Or imagine the softest dough cushion, the airy crust, the juicy sauce that soaked the base well, the stretching melted cheese. Thick slices will satisfy your hunger in no time, and thin slices will allow you to enjoy a tempting crunch and filling a little longer.

Domino’s Pizza Brooklyn Style Review

Short summary Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza vs hand tossed pizza

CriteriaDomino’s Hand Tossed PizzaDomino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza
TasteDominant cheese taste seasoned with fresh garlicMore prominent pepperoni tastevin, crispy crust
ToppingsLean on the cheese sideHave less cheese and more pepperoni
A large-sized hand-tossed pie is slightly larger with around eight slices.
A large-sized Brooklyn pie is slightly smaller with six slices.
HealthyThis type has a thicker crust and more cheese, giving way to the latter regarding healthiness.This type has less cheese and a thinner crust, so it’s undoubtedly healthier.
PreparationPeople toss it into the air by hand.Hand-stretched and kneaded

Which of Two Pizzas is the Best Pizza?

It depends on personal preference. Do you belong to meat lovers or do you prefer a lot of cheese in the filling? If pepperoni pizza sounds more tempting to you, then Brooklyn style pizza is your choice. But if you still choose a more cheesy pizza, then you should order Domino’s hand tossed pizza option.

Brooklyn style pizzas are more crispy and their tomato sauce is very natural and special. This is not to say that other pizzas are less natural, but one of the highlights is that Domino’s hand tossed pizza is drizzled with garlic oil. This gives it an amazing taste. Garlic is not added to Brooklyn style pizza and it has less cheese.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Vs. Hand Tossed: Which Option is Less Harmful for Your Health?

Brooklyn style option has a thinner base, so you might think it’s healthier. And not just because of the base, of course. After all, hand tossed pizza contains more cheese, which leads to an increase in the number of calories. More fat dough means you consume high gluten bread, more salt, and more fat. But it is worth remembering the difference in serving slices.


After all, hand tossed is sold in small pieces. Do not forget to share your favorite pizza with your friends instead of eating the whole pie by yourself and then you don’t have to worry about calories and harm, moderation is the key to eating any kind of junk food

How Are They Baked Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza vs hand tossed pizza?

Both options are prepared from the same dough; for Brooklyn style slightly less dough is initially taken. Hence, it is easier to stretch, and that gives the Brooklyn style its notorious thinness. We cannot say that about Dominos hand tossed pizza, it takes more dough.

The crust of pizza is not as puffy, it is rather slim, for that reason, the pieces themselves come larger. Therefore, the Brooklyn style pizza is sold to you in fewer slices, and the hand tossed option is usually separated into eight slices.

The hand tossed pizza, as we already have mentioned, has a chewier crust (not rubbery though) than the normal Brooklyn style one. It is known for a slightly thicker pizza crust than Domino’s Brooklyn style crust. Therefore, eating it by folding the pieces will not work. It is their main difference.

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Pizzas on a conveyor belt emerge from the oven inside a Domino’s Pizza Group Plc store in Hanwell, London, U.K., on Monday, Feb. 27, 2017

There may be a slight difference in the sauce, because a small amount of filling is optimal for a thin pizza, and a thick one can withstand an extra portion of the topping because its dough is so pleasantly saturated with juice from the sauce and does not become soggy at all.

And if you are not a fan of eating sides, they can be eaten later with a separate portion of the sauce or dipped in garlic oil.

When You Should Order Each of Them?

If you are very hungry or have a big appetite, both pizzas will be more than satisfying for you. The main difference is that some fast food lovers would rather choose the pepperoni taste and go for thin crust pizza, while others simply adore cheese and really like thicker crust.

If you want to treat a guest from New York or a New York-style pizza lover, then it is better to choose Domino’s Brooklyn-style pizza. The ability to eat pizza by folding the pieces will be to your guests’ taste.

Of course, nothing beats a real authentic New York pizza, everyone will agree with this, but Brooklyn pizza did a good job of getting closer to the unique original.

Brooklyn Style Pizza vs Hand Tossed Pizza

If you appreciate the texture and taste of the cheese filling, hand tossed pizzas are ideal for you, which are also seasoned with garlic oil. But do not forget that you can choose some filling ingredients for Domino’s, such as green peppers or grated mozzarella cheese.

Any of these delicious pizzas will be great for parties and sleepovers, especially if you choose large pizzas.

What are the features of thin dough?

Thin crust pizza consists of a base less than a centimeter, “flexible” and dense, but able to withstand the topping. Valued for:

Allows you to enjoy the abundance of toppings – this way you can feel the taste of the ingredients better.

Easily folds in half, transforming into a Mexican tortilla.

Brooklyn style is suitable for a snack or satisfying the first signs of hunger.

It will save you from overeating if you don’t order large Brooklyn style pizza because it is so easy to eat the whole pizza and realize it at the moment when you already finished it.

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Are you taking care of your figure? Thin crust pizza has fewer calories, and all the juice is in the filling, which gives satiety and a good mood.

Benefits of thick dough

Lush, soft, and airy dough with a soft chewy crust allows you to enjoy pizza in a classic way. Our customers consider the main advantages of a thick hand tossed pizza crust to be:

The satiety of hand tossed pizza with a slightly thicker crust is twice as high – satisfies hunger until the next meal.

Volumetric crusts in hand tossed pizza can be eaten with additional sauce.

The combination of dough, sauce, and filling is perfect because the base is soaked with the aroma of the ingredients while it is baked in the oven.

A fluffy soft and fragrant hand tossed crust is more satisfying and nutritious, able to replace two meals especially if you order large hand tossed pizza, and will be the best snack at the first manifestations of hunger. A thin dough will help support the filling and not overeat if suddenly one or two pieces are not limited.

Opinions are equally divided

Some believe that the beauty of pizza is in its filling, and the dough should be less than a centimeter as a “support”, others cannot imagine this dish without an airy base, which should be exactly the same as the filling, or even more.

One thing is known – hungry visitors will order pizza delivery on thin dough, and hungry ones will choose pizza on a thick one. Perhaps you should pay attention to the degree of hunger because the traditional basis of hand tossed will energize for a long time.

This is a variant close to homemade pizza, and the thin dough is often used in Italian, where it is important to feel the spices in combination with the toppings.

Basically, all pizzas in Dominos are prepared on the basis of one dough, the only difference is its thickness. Each prepared “pancake” for pizza is smeared with spicy sauce and toppings in abundance. Next, the optimal cooking temperature in the oven is maintained so that the dough bakes well and turns out with a crispy, but soft and chewy crust.


In What Sizes these Pizzas come?

Domino’s Brooklyn pizza comes in six slices and hand tossed option comes in eight slices. The sizes are quite large, but you can always opt for smaller or extra-large variations.

Is there any difference in the packaging of Domino’s brooklyn style pizza and hand tossed pizza?

Both pizzas are sold in identical boxes, Brooklyn pizzas in white, and hand tossed pizzas in black. Both always have an inscription indicating the name of the pizza.

How Tasty Is Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza?

This is a pizza that imitates the one you can try on both sides of the Brooklyn Bridge and on Coney Island. It has a delicious crust and the perfect topping that will appeal to those who love pepperoni pizza.

How Does The Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza Compare With The Thin Crust?

Both pizzas have a crunchier base than hand toss pizzas, yet the thin crust is much thinner in texture than Brooklyn style pizza. The thin crust tastes almost like a chip. The thin crust also contains signature tomato sauce. Both pizzas combine sweetness and saltiness. They are good for those who like less dough.

How Much Both Pizzas Affect Your Weight?

A piece of hand tossed pizza contains approximately 280 calories, Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza with the equivalent of its weight contains about the same. They also contain quite a lot of fat and cholesterol.
Therefore, one piece of pizza exceeds the norm, which should be observed if you care about your health.
This doesn’t mean you have to give up pizza, because Domino’s also offers gluten-free pizza options with almost the same toppings, as usual, they have the perfect dough for those who cannot tolerate gluten or simply want healthier pizza.

Is There A Difference Between Hand Tossed Pizza And Hand Pan Domino’s Pizza? 

The names of these pizzas speak for themselves. One is hand tossed before baking, the other is cooked on an oiled pan. The one in the pan has a thicker crust and is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The second is not placed on the pan but tossed into the air to give the desired shape.

What if I Eat Pizza Every Day?

Besides, what happens if I eat pizza every day? Excessive consumption of saturated fat increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Eating pizza every day can lead to weight gain due to excessive calorie intake, especially considering your actual nutritional needs.

Which Pizza is More Healthy?

What is the healthiest pizza? “Choose a thin crust over a thick one, or even a filled crust to lower your total calories and sodium,” specialists say.

What if I need to feed a large group of people?

A thick pizza gives a feeling of fullness, but a thin pizza at the expense of large pieces will create the illusion of the owner’s generosity. Therefore, you can play smart and take one pizza from both options. People will choose according to their taste and will be satisfied.

Why is Domino so popular?

Domino’s has been so successful lately thanks in large part to a strong delivery model. As a result, they have adapted more easily to the new environment of the restaurant industry by focusing primarily on their delivery and takeaway options.

Can I ask for more cheese?

There is already a lot of cheese in a thick pizza, but if you love it so much that you want to play it safe, the workers will be glad to help you and add even more cheese to your pizza, of course including it in the price.

Does Domino pizza use real cheese?

Don’t be fooled – Domino’s uses real cheese. Whether it is Brooklyn pizza or hand tossed pizza or any other option. They categorically state and assure you that their Veg and Non-Veg Pizzas are made from 100% real mozzarella cheese of the highest quality, made from real milk.

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Final Thoughts Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza vs hand tossed

Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza vs hand tossed? When it comes to tastiest pizzas, Domino’s Pizza is the undisputed leader. In addition to great taste, Domino’s pizzas are easy to order. The main difference between Domino’s Brooklyn pizza and hand-tossed is that Brooklyn-style pizzas are thinner, and more crispy, with light cheese cut into six large pieces.

It has a pepperoni filling and less cheese than its rival. Hand-tossed pizza is plump, cut into eight pieces, and has more cheese than Brooklyn-style pizza. Hand-tossed pizza is distinguished by the taste of garlic, and Brooklyn-style pizza by pepperoni and crunchiness.

There is a difference in the original toppings for these pizzas, although the quantity is the same. The cheese used is slightly different, and in general, there is a slight difference.

But remember that no matter which one you choose, you can always specify the desired ingredients for the filling yourself, of which there are a great many in Dominos, from different types of cheese and types of meat and vegetables to pineapples and peppers. You can decide for yourself what you like best.

When it comes to the best tasting pizza, Dominos often comes out on top. They take inspiration from a wide range of sources for their recipes and often try to imitate classic and authentic versions, but they never miss a beat and are always ready to offer the freshest ingredients and unique pizza recipes.

We emphasize once again that there can be no winner in this competition since everything comes down only to the taste of buyers and everyone has their own winner.

Let us know! We love hearing customer feedback on our blog posts.

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