Ooni pizza dough recipe – 3 Best Guide Ways to Make Yourself 2022

Love to make pizza at home? And do you manage to prepare excellent pizzas like those you can order in a restaurant? Maybe you tried many ways for this but your results were disappointing? Well, if it is true for you, I have some information that could help you.

Actually, all you need is the right pizza oven that is extremely hot and fast and properly cooked pizza dough. So Ooni pizza oven and Ooni pizza dough recipe are for you. And I’m going to tell you about these in my article.

I think it will not be a mistake to say that all of us like pizza. It is not only delicious food but for something that unites us.

 It brings families, friends, or hearty eaters together. Actually, who would refuse a good, excellent quality pizza? Maybe you are sure that you can get such a viand only in a restaurant or even you would have to fly to Italy for it? Not, of course not.


Now everyone can find some advanced equipment that lets you prepare wonderful pizza in your own backyard in just a few minutes and every of many experienced pizza-makers – enthusiasts kindly share their best pizza dough recipe with us in their blogs.

So now it would not be a trouble to prepare wonderful homemade pizza. And in this article, I’m going to tell you about it.

The right equipment

Excellent ovens for excellent pizza

Everyone deserves an excellent pizza! But without a doubt, you could not prepare an excellent quality pizza without a modern pizza oven. Ooni pizza ovens are just like that. It is super hot and mega-fast, inexpensive, and easy to transport oven. You can prepare an incredible pizza in just a few minutes with it.

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And you can choose the oven depending on whether you prefer to cook with wood, pellets, charcoal, or gas. Ooni pizza ovens make it quick, easy, and hassle-free to make fantastic pizza in your backyard, on the beach, or somewhere else.

But take care!

A few words about safety. Some of those who tried Ooni pizza ovens prevent others from using them indoors. They mention different terrifying things – fires, carbon monoxide poisoning. It is true, that the Ooni oven is the outdoor pizza oven.

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And it is not distressing. Preparing pizza outdoor can be so enjoyable for your friends if you take a party or for your children. Except for this, according to many bloggers’ opinions,  pizza prepared in an outdoor pizza oven is the best. Especially a wonderful Margarita with eager tomatoes and viscous cheese. It couldn’t be better!

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rustic Italian pizza with mozzarella, cheese, and basil leaves

But you could try some other pizza recipes with your Ooni oven and your cooking will be a pleasure.

Watch the video: master class Ooni pizza dough recipe

And not only ovens

Except for that perfect pizza oven, you need some useful tools that could help you cook. Many pizza-makers advise using a pizza peel. You can use it to rotate your pizza while it is cooked in the oven or transfer it. It is very useful.

Someone notes that your pizza peel should be floured to prevent your pizza from sticking and turning into an uninviting clotted clump. Also, some bloggers use an infrared thermometer or pizza spinner to make pizza-making easier and more successful.

But even using the best hardware you may get a discouraging result if your pizza dough recipe is wrong.

So, if you are wondering what Ooni pizza dough recipe will be perfect, I have got some cooking tips for you.


Prepare the exquisite Ooni pizza dough recipe

Making your pizza with the Ooni pizza oven you can follow the official Ooni pizza dough recipe. But some experienced pizza-makers advise paying attention to such things.

Hydration level

The official Ooni pizza dough recipe offers a dough with a hydration level of 60 %. It is well for the hot temperatures of the Ooni pizza ovens if you want to get the classical Neapolitan version of pizza dough.

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But some bloggers who are a little hung up on pizza-making, advise using pizza dough with a hydration level of 62-52%. As a result, we get bold, soft inside dough that rises very fast on the extremely hot surface of the Ooni pizza oven and has a crispy browned crust. Moreover, such dough is easier to work with.

What about the flour?

Honestly, you can use any flour but those who tried to recommend it take Tipo-OO-flour for your pizza dough. This Italian flour is used by chefs in restaurants for the Neapolitan style pizza preparation It will make your dough fluffy and elastic and it is much better than usual flour.

7. Flour 1

And if you need to flour some surface for your dough put on (a lightly floured surface prevents your dough from sticking) many pizza-makers advise using semolina flour.

What should you know about pizza dough preparing?

Helpful tools How

How much flour or salt or something else do you need for your pizza? You can measure the required amount of ingredients with table spoons or glassfuls, but your food scale will give you a more accurate result. If you have a food scale, use it.

The dough tacks to your hands while you knead it? Your stand mixer dough hook will help you. Use it, and you will cope with kneading in a matter of minutes.

But at the start of kneading your mixer should work at low speed or your flour will fly throw all over your kitchen.

After all, we should note some helpful tools, such as pizza peel, pizza spinner, and infrared thermometer. Such things will make your pizza-preparing easier.

Proofing and chilling

When you have finished your kneading let your dough rest for 45 minutes to rise and become fluffy and soft. It is so-called “proofing”.

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Or it will be better to leave your dough in the fridge for 2-3 days. Chilling will give it a nice taste and make it easier to shape.

One of the bloggers affirms that he makes his pizza without kneading. It is his own methodology. Very comfortably, is not it? The dough doesn’t stick to your hands and you don’t have to worry about whether it was kneaded enough. What is a secret?

Pizza dough without kneading

Fermentation? Give me two!

This pizza-maker-enthusiast tells that his recipe secret is that pizza dough is double-fermented.

So, the first fermentation lasts about 12 hours at room temperature. After that, the dough is left to ferment at a low temperature for twelve to twenty-four hours. The second fermentation is not necessary but it has a meaningful effect.

For the first fermentation process, you should leave your pizza dough to rest at room temperature for 12 hours, which is where this mysterious no-knead method comes into play.

This crafty gluten

The point at issue is a naturally occurring protein called gluten that is contained in the flour and has a part in dough structure forming.

Usually, gluten is generated during the kneading while you turn and fold your dough for 10-15 minutes. Through that gluten is let out of the flour and a complex network is formed. This protein skin produces dough structure and makes your dough elastic and chewy.

14.Pizza Dough One More 1

But we are offered another way of getting the same gluten network forming process. It proves that it will be enough if the pizza dough is simply left to rest for a long time.

Imagine, you only keep your pre-dough still and forget about it, and it is at rest for many days… And Presto!

Suddenly you get a fully formed, well-kneaded dough and at the same time, your hands aren’t dirty. Comfortable, not?

Moreover, during this time, the dough is also fermenting while its flavor and texture improve.

But we are offered another way of getting the same gluten network forming process. It proves that it will be enough if the pizza dough is simply left to rest for a long time.

Imagine, you only keep your pre-dough still and forget about it, and it is at rest for many days… And Presto!

Suddenly you get a fully formed, well-kneaded dough and at the same time, your hands aren’t dirty. Comfortable, not?

Moreover, during this time, the dough is also fermenting while its flavor and texture improve.

Unfortunately, usually, we don’t have enough time to wait while our dough kneads itself. But our author of the no-knead method has advice for those who are in a hurry.


The quick dough recipe

You need to take the amount of active dry yeast more of usually (about a half teaspoon or more) and add a small amount of honey (about one teaspoon). It will speed up the activity of your yeast.

Then you mix all your ingredients and knead the dough until it is stretched and smooth.

After that leave your dough and it will rest and rise.

When the dough doubles in size punch it down to release the air and fold it over on itself a few times. Then you leave it to rest again.

Weit for one hour more and then divide your dough into balls and let them prove at room temperature for one hour.

So, you will prepare the excellent pizza dough.

Stretching Ooni pizza

Ooni pizza dough baking is quite a complicated procedure. One of the particularities of Ooni pizza dough preparation is that you have to stretch it.

It must be the most complicated part of all your cooking. As a result of stretching you should have a circle of dough with a diameter of about 28 cm.

Carefully transfer your dough to the Ooni pizza oven. You can use a pizza peel. Flour it lightly to prevent your dough from sticking. It must slide easily right onto the stone.

You can use different sorts of flour for your pizza peel dusting. For example semolina flour.

Put your dough on a lightly floured surface. Carefully press it into a circle, and tip it twice or thrice. If it is too sticky you can add a pinch of flour.

After that carefully stretch your dough over with both of your hands. So its diameter increases to about 20 cm.

When this dough shaped into a circle is over our knuckles we rotate it around, and it is stretched by gravity and becomes about 27 cm in diameter.

11. Stretching 1

When you feel that your dough militates against stretching you should leave it for a few minutes. Our dough needs to rest, so it will stretch more easily.

Now let’s move on to our pizza-dough recipes.

Prepare dough balls

No matter what dough recipe you take, you can note that it takes a little time to bake it. Only about 20-25 minutes not more. But preparing your dough before it will be put into the pizza oven takes about two hours or more.

  • So, when your dough is kneaded enough you live it for proofing. Let your dough rest for about one hour (or at least for 45 minutes if you are in hurry). It must double in size during this time.
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  • It is important if you want to get fluffy airy pizza dough with a bubbly, chewy, crisp crust.
  • If your dough didn’t double during two or three hours probably it is your dry yeast that is wrong.
  • It could die if you used hot water making your predough (water must be warm but not hot). Or on the contrary, your yeast could be cold. So you should find a warmer place for your dough to rise.
  • This yeast! It is either too hot or too cold!
  • Also, you can add some amount of olive oil, garlic powder, or herbs to improve your dough flavor.
  • Does pizza dough have eggs? Do you ask? read the answer to this question here.
  • But now let’s say about our classic pizza dough balls.

Preparing dough

You can prepare dough balls not only in the Ooni pizza oven but in any wood-fired pizza oven.

Each such dough ball is slim and bubbly. The preparation process is easy and won’t take much time, dough only needs a little time to rise.

You need unbleached all-purpose flour, warm water, yeast, and salt to prepare your balls. These simple ingredients we can find in any pantry.

13. PreDough 1
  • And you can add a ½ teaspoon of sugar to your dry yeast to make it bloom faster if you don’t have enough time to wait, but it isn’t necessary.
  • You can knead your dough by hand, but if you have a stand mixer with a dough hook use it. In such a way, you make dough preparation easier and less messy.
  • Start to turn your mixer on low speed or your flour will fly throughout the kitchen. Then increase the speed to medium-low and mix your dough more for about 10 minutes.

So, you have mixed your dough and now leave it for a while to let it rest and rise.

Shape the dough into balls

  • After proofing divides your dough and gently shape its parts into balls. Make each dough part round and smooth.
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  • Put the dough balls on parchment paper lightly dusted with semolina flour, parchment with the seam sides down and smooth side up.
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  • Then cover them slightly with another piece of parchment paper or towel. Such way we can prevent our pizza dough from drying out too much.
  • And while your dough balls rest you can see about your future pizza toppings.
  • Then your dough balls rose it is time to fire up your oven.

Do you love pizzas’ bubbly texture? It is created just now when the yeast breaks down the flour. It also further develops gluten.

Choose topping for our pizza

When you choose pizza toppings the sky is the limit. But don’t overload your pizza with toppings. One of two is enough.

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For example, a classic Margarita with simple tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil is very popular. It has no equal!

Maybe you like mushrooms or veggies, or any sort of cheese. All of these will be the top choices for you.

17. Toppings2 1

So, you can enjoy trying different toppings and sauces. It could be pesto, spicy tomato, alfredo… Ideas are endless. But many Italian cuisine fans insist that one ingredient is essential for your pizza. It is oregano.

Ooni pizza dough recipe

Looking at any Ooni pizza dough recipe you can note that this dough has been baked for about 20-25 minutes, but preparing it before it will be placed into the pizza oven takes about two hours or more. Your pizza dough must be kneaded well and left for proofing at least for 45 minutes or one hour.

12. Pizza Dough Recipe 1

During this time your dough must double in size. It is important if you want to get fluffy airy pizza dough with a bubby, chewy, crisp crust.

  • If your dough didn’t double during two or three hours probably it is your yeast that is wrong. It could be killed by too hot a temperature – for example, by hot water.
  • Or on the contrary, it could be cold. So you should find warmer spots in your kitchen for your dough rising. This yeast! It is either too hot or too cold!
  • So, let’s take active dry yeast (one tablespoon) and sugar (half of a teaspoon) and put all these into a large bowl.
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  • If you prefer to use a stand mixer add these ingredients to your mixer bowl.
  • Pour it with two glasses of warm water (important! The water should not be hot because yeast dies at high temperatures).
  • Stir yeast, sugar, and water together and leave for 10 minutes. The mixture must get foamy.
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  • While your yeast activates you can see about other ingredients.
  • Take four glasses of unbleached all-purpose flour and one with a half teaspoon of salt. Mix flour and salt in a separate bowl and then add the ready-made mixture to the wet ingredients.
  • Stir all ingredients together. When you have got indiscrete mass, mix your dough for 10 minutes.
  • Cover your dough with a clean towel or plastic wrap. Don’t forget to leave an air escape hole.
  • Put the bowl with your dough in some warm place and leave it for resting and rising.
  • If you don’t need to hurry and you have some space in your fridge it would be better for your pizza dough to allow it to rest in the fridge for one-two day.
  • Chiling will give your dough crust a nice taste and your dough will be easier to shape.
  • Divide your dough into 6-8 pieces. Form tidy balls with smooth tops from each piece of dough.
  • Put your balls on parchment paper. Leave them to proofing for 15-20 minutes, then press each ball to make it flat, put on a pizza peel dusted with semolina flour,
  • and add your favorite toppings – ham, mushrooms, pineapple, herbs, or something else.
  • Add pizza sauce and cheese that you like. But do not overload your pizza with toppings.
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  • Put your pizza in the oven that should be preheated to 500’F and jerk the pizza peel back. But watch carefully: Ooni pizza cooks very fast! It makes it 1,5-3 minutes to be ready.
  • Turn your pizzas once with the pizza peel and fork to bake every side well. As soon as your pizza is bubbling and browned, it’s done. 
  • Take it out, and leave it to cool for a few minutes. Then add some fresh basil, arugula, balsamic reduction, or other fun condiments if you like them.
19. Final Pizza 1

Related questions:

Can I use premade dough in Ooni?

Honestly, why do you have to bother preparing the dough if you can buy it in any store? Yes, actually you can use premade dough with your Ooni pizza oven, but for a better result, you should prepare the dough yourself.

How do you make the perfect Ooni pizza?

The secret is in well-made pizza dough. To prepare it perfectly you should take the right recipe and follow it carefully.

How do you prepare Ooni dough?

In this article, we reviewed some tips and recipes that we could advise for pizza preparation. You should try different recipes and experiment. Practice is very important.

How do you make an Ooni pizza crust crispy?

You should knead your pizza dough well and let it rest and rise. Proofing, do you remember? Your dough should be fluffy and airy. After that the hot temperature of your pizza oven is important. But you should watch carefully to keep your pizzas from burning.


So, we looked at a few tips and recipes for making pizza dough at home. We hope our article will help you prepare the perfect tasty homemade pizza with our Ooni pizza oven.

We hope that you have received an answer to your question and please leave a comment.

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  1. This is the perfect recipe, I’ll never use anything else again! Now I just want to make a larger batch. If I want to freeze the dough balls for future use, at what point should I do that?

    • I’m glad you liked the recipe!

      To freeze the remaining dough, follow the instructions as before, let it rise, divide it into balls and let them rest.

      However, this time, leave the dough balls you want to freeze in a freezer-proof container such as tupperware, etc. Once the balls have risen (at room temperature), place the entire container in the freezer.

      After a few hours, when the proofing balls are completely frozen and hardened, remove the balls from the container and seal each tightly in a plastic bag or cling film for storage in the freezer.

      When you’re ready to use the dough balls, remove one or more from the freezer and let them thaw at room temperature. Once the balls have reached room temperature (and have completely thawed), they should be ready to use.

      Some people freeze the balls before proofing and let them prove after thawing, but I have found this method works for me and saves time as each ball is already proofed.


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