Pizza Sizes Inches: 5 Reasons Why It Matters

Are you the kind of pizza lover who can tell pizza sizes inches by eye? Or do you know exactly how many slices you’re ready to eat right now? Let’s do pizza math!

We’re here to answer what pizza sizes exist, how many inches each size has, and how many slices it’s usually cut into. Also let’s make a pizza size calculator to know how many pizzas to order for your party.

Pizza Sizes Inches: 5 Reasons Why Pizza Sizes Are Important

Why Pizza Sizes Inches Are Important

Google trends show that the search query ‘pizza size calculator‘ is super popular, and it scores up to 100 points in the U.S. There are obvious reasons for that.

First, it’s good to know what size can satisfy your hunger so you don’t eat too much but also don’t have leftovers. On the other hand, this understanding can save you money and provide breakfast for tomorrow.

Secondly, many people wonder what quantity is required to order if you are awaiting guests. And it makes a difference whether it will be adults or children.

Next, some want to compare pizza sizes to see if a restaurant promo really allows you to save money. Would it be a good deal: two smaller pizzas for the price of one larger one?

Then, people watching their diets want to know the inches in diameter to calculate calories and nutrients. However, a lot depends on the pizza toppings as well.

Finally, calculating the diameter of the pizza is important when you are baking. If the recipe is for one diameter and you want a different one, you have to calculate both the proportions of dough and the amount of toppings.

Medium Pizza Size

What Pizza Sizes Are Available

Different restaurants have varying size scales from personal pizza to extra large pizza. In most cases, the size step is 2 inches. Small, medium, and large pizzas are standard for everyone.

Measured from edge to edge through the center, this is pizza diameter. The traditional unit of measurement is inches. In countries where the metric system is adopted, the size is stated in centimeters.

Personal pizza

The smallest of the pizza sizes is 8 inches. Since it is designed for a single, it might not be cut at all. But personal pizza is still cut into 4 slices for ease of eating.

Small pizza

A typical small pizza size is 10 inches in diameter. In terms of the metric system, it equals 25.4 cm, that is usually rounded up to 25 cm exactly. By standard, small pizzas are cut into six slices. That’s enough for two not-so-hungries, but it’s not exactly.

Small pizzas

Medium pizza

Usually, the diameter of an medium pizza is 12 inches, or in terms of 30.5 centimeters. For marketing purposes, they take 30 cm exactly. Medium pizzas are divided into eight slices. That would be fine for two with a big appetite or three with a medium appetite.

Large pizza

A large pizza has a diameter of 14 inches. In the metric system it is 35.6 cm or 35.0 for convenience. Large pizzas are traditionally cut into eight pieces. Three or four big pizza lovers would be fine with this size.

Extra large pizza or party size pizza

Extra large pizzas 16 inches in diameter are not always available. Not all recipes can be done to the max. Extra large pizza is often sliced into 8 or double cut into 16 slices. And instead of 40.6 cm on sale, the largest pizza size is also reduced to 40.

Eight large pizza slices are enough for 4 or even 5 eaters. For children, it makes more sense to cut in squares, in what is called tavern style.

After such calculations in centimeters, I can say only one thing. Thanks to the tradition of pizza measuring in inches! We get exactly that, without rounding down.

Extra large pizza or party size pizza

Detroit style pizza inches

And while we’re on the subject of slicing into squares, it would be appropriate to say something about Detroit-style pizza. This is the kind of thing where you can’t measure pizza diameter cause they’re rectangular.

Detroit style pizzas come in two options. The smaller one measures 8 by 10 inches and is divided into 4 slices. The larger one comes in 10 by 14 inches and yields 8 slices. It would be helpful to compare this to the round sizes, so you know whose area is larger.

Pizza Size Features

Time never drags so slowly when waiting for delivery. But there are some things to consider in choosing a pizza size. This comes in handy not only for ordering home, but also for eating out.

Delivery features

A personalized pizza will make sure you don’t eat too much. But there is a drawback. When you order a personalized pizza for delivery, the pizza maker will most likely take a box for a bigger pizza. This will probably have a negative impact on the pizza’s look.

And by the way, some pizzerias set a minimum order amount for delivery, so you will have to buy something extra. But since you’re going out for dinner, personal size pizza a great option for one.

Small, medium and large sizes are universal for all recipes. They are convenient for both delivery and eating out. Novelties and specials are most often promoted in these sizes.

Extra large pizza requires care in delivery. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit in the courier’s thermo bag. Hope your local pizzeria can handle it.

Personal Pizza Delivery Features

Cooking time

The less dough, the less stuffing. So, the smallest pizza will be ready faster than other pizza sizes. Larger sizes hold more stuffing, but you have to wait longer for your order.

In addition, not all recipes can be made in extra-large sizes. The filling may remain soggy when the dough is already baked. And not all pizzerias have kitchen utensils, such as pans, of maximum size.

Testing new flavors

In case you want to try something new, your best choice is a small pizza. If there is a topping or combination of flavors that you are not familiar with, it would be rash to buy a large pizza. It is wise to test the small size and try everything in the best way possible.

A medium size pizza is fine if you want to try a new flavor for two persons. But still, small pizzas are better for a new experience, because if something goes wrong, you won’t spend a lot of money.

From this point of view, it is not advisable to take a large pizza of an unknown toppings.

Gastronomic diversity

If you would like to take several different toppings, several small pizzas are just what you need. This way you can satisfy every whim for little money. When in doubt whether to get pepperoni or chicken, get both pizzas in the small size.

Also, many pizza places make large pizzas with toppings combos. For example, one half has ham and mushrooms, and the other half has cheese and bacon. Still, for combos, toppings are selected with the same cooking time, and small pizzas have no such limits.

Medium pizzas are not so convenient for the variety of flavors, it’s more of a tried-and-true choice.

Crust features

Pizza crust means as much to the choice as its toppings. Sometimes it seems like pizza crust battles get out of hand. Some like thin and crispy pizzas, some like thin crusts, others prefer thick and chewy texture.

The crust definitely influences the choice of pizza size in inches. The thicker the crust, the more toppings. And that’s something to consider when ordering. I would guess that in terms of weight per slice, a small pizza with a thick crust might equal a medium size pizza with a thin crust.

And it’s similar to having thin crusts compared to thin and crispy crusts. In other words, the same size pizza will have different weights because of the varying crusts. Oh yes, it’s the whole world of pizza crust!

Italian pizza is considered lighter than Chicago-style pie, so a large pizza with a thin crispy crust can fill you up just as well as a medium pizza with a thin crust. If you prefer a thick crust, or even more a stuffed crust pizza, take a smaller inch pizza.

How dare I decide these vital issues for you, though? Be yourself and get what you like!

Square inch formula for pizza

The Most Popular Pizza Size

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, since 2012, the largest round pizza in the world is a 16-ton Margarita made in Italy.

With 1,692 inches in diameter, it’s surely not the most popular pizza size, but it’s definitely extra large.

The most popular size is the 12-inch pizza, called the medium pizza. It is the most common order to take out or in a pizza place.

In some locations, the size of the medium pizza differs by a couple of inches up or down, but it is still the most popular in the range. It’s optimal for all types of crusts and all toppings. More often than not, pizzerias are ready to offer a fair price on the best-selling item.

Two medium pizzas beat one extra large pizza, because they are faster to prepare, and you can take a completely different toppings.

For example, one could be a pepperoni pizza and the other a vegetarian one. You can have regular pizza dough for one and gluten-free dough for the other. You can have one thin crust pizza and one thick crust pizza. You can’t combine that on any large pizza!

Compared to a small pizza, a medium pizza makes you feel more satisfied. If there are two diners, the medium size allows you to eat to your heart’s content. If it’s an order for one, it can also decide a breakfast.

Continuing the theme of the mosts, as for the toppings the most popular are pepperoni pizza, sausage pizza and cheese pizza.

Pizza from Guinness Book of World Records

How to Figure Out Your Pizza Order

When you feel like treating yourself to pizza, it will be easy for you to deal with your belly. Ordering pizza for two or a small group can also be a bargain.

In a small group, everyone’s interests can be taken into account. Also, for your family, where you know everyone’s preferences.

But what if you’re waiting for guests and don’t know their tastes? Plus, there’s the question of how much pizza to order? There are some tips that will help you.

The slice method

What do you think about how many pizza slices an average person eats?

It has been observed that 1 adult eats 4 medium pizza slices and a child eats 3 medium slices. The slice method is that the number of visitors is multiplied by the number of slices and rounded up to the whole number of pizzas. This way you will know how many pizzas to order.

Let’s do an example. Let’s say your visitors are three adults and four children. Your family will have one adult eater and two children. That’s a total of four adults and six children.

Four slices for each of the four adults equals 16 slices.

Three slices for each of the six children equals 18 slices.

So, you will need a total of 34 slices. Knowing how many slices you need; you can decide how many pizzas to order.

Small pizzas have 6 slices, a medium and large pizzas have 8 slices, and an extra large pizza contains 8 or 16 slices. For a large group, focus on eight-slice pizzas.

So, we divide 34 slices by 8 and get 4 whole pizzas and a small leftover. We can round it up to 5 whole pizzas to make sure that’s enough.

If pizza is your only meal, then focus on extra large or large pizza. If you plan to serve other appetizers, medium pizzas will suffice. When ordering multiple pizzas, you might want to see if your local pizzeria has a promo for such orders. It might be a good way to save your budget.

On a large order you can pick any pizza toppings for everyone, remember, pepperoni is the favorite pizza for most adults and children.

The slice method for Pizza Party

Calculation method

There is also a second way to make a pizza calculation to order. This method requires more calculation, but it has an advantage. Thanks to the pizza square formula, you can estimate whether the promo is as good as the ads say it is.

The idea behind this method is that you have to calculate the area of each pizza size in square inches. Knowing how much one person eats, you can easily multiply the portion by the number of guests and relate that to pizza sizes.

The benefit of this technique is that you won’t have to guess what size pizza to choose. You’ll know it for sure.

Square inch formula

Pizza is a geometric shape of a circle. We know how many inches in diameter each pizza size has. So, we can easily calculate the area in square inches.

S = π × r × r,

where S is square area, π = 3.14, r = 1/2 of diameter.

Thus, let’s calculate the areas of all pizza sizes:

  • Personal 8 inch pizza = 3.14 × 4 × 4= 50.24 sq inches.
  • Small 10 inch pizza = 3.14 × 5 × 5= 78.5 sq inches.
  • Medium 12 inch pizza = 3.14 × 6 × 6= 113.04 sq inches.
  • Large 14 inch pizza = 3.14 × 7 × 7= 153.86 sq inches.
  • Extra large 16 inch pizza = 3.14 × 8 × 8= 200.96 sq inches.

For example, let’s take the same party with 4 adults and 6 children. It’s known that an adult eats 4 medium pizza slices and a child eats 3 medium slices.

Medium pizza area is 113 square inches and consists of 8 slices, so the area per slice is 14.125. So, we need:

  • 4 adults × 4 slices × 14.125 = 226 sq inches,
  • 6 kids × 3 slices × 14.125 = 254.25 sq inches,
  • and in total we need 480.25 sq inches.

How can we get this pizza amount? We can get it with 6 small pizzas, or with 5 medium pizzas + some leftovers, or with 4 large pizzas + a lot of leftovers, or 3 extra large pizzas + too much of leftovers.

Now just look at the prices at your local pizzeria and decide which is better for your budget: 5 medium pizzas, or 4 large pizzas, or 3 extra large pizzas.

Pizza Gastronomic diversity

How to know if promo is profitable

Knowing exactly how much pizza you get in each size makes it easy for you what’s rational.

  • Personal pizza has 50 sq inches.
  • Small pizza has 79 sq inches.
  • Medium pizza has 113 sq inches.
  • Large pizza has 154 sq inches.
  • Extra large pizza has 201 sq inches.

For example, compare 3 small or 2 medium ones. So, 3 small pizzas equal 79 x 3 = 237 square inches, 2 medium equal 113 x 2 = 226 square inches. Thus, we get that 3 small pizzas is more than 2 medium pizzas. And so on through this example for all other sizes.

Remember, it is reasonable to compare only pizzas on the same crusts in this way. Compare thick to thick, crispy to crispy, thin to thin crust.

Hope, this video by AsapSCIENCE helps you keep your costs under control.

Exceptions to the method

It should be specifically mentioned that there may be exceptions to both the slicing and squaring method. Always ask if guests have any food allergies, ethical food restrictions, or other specifics.

It is best to get a special pizza for each person with special dietary concerns. Suppose you take one personal or small pizza for such a guest but exclude them from the total calculation.

When ordering, be sure to specify a clean cut to prevent food mixing. No vegetarian is going to like having their pizza cut with the same knife as a pepperoni before. And check with your guests to see if they need gluten-free pizza dough in the order.

Quick tips

It can be hard to control yourself when you order a yummy meal. To fill up not only your stomach, but also your eyes, make a side dish of salads or greens.

For portion size, also consider the caloric content of the dish. Two slices of thin crust pizza is not the same as two servings of Chicago pie.

Preferably, the total number of slices should be divided equally among the eaters. This is not particularly important for adults, but don’t try it with children.

The last slice is often cold; you can reheat it in the microwave.

Pizza Party at Home

Making pizza at home, you have no limits. How many inches in diameter will mean as many as you want. How many slices will mean as many as you cut. Pizza sizes will only be limited by the size of your pizza oven.

Pizza making brings cultures and peoples together, it’s a great activity to enjoy with family or friends. Let your own pizza be so perfect that there won’t be no one slice left of it.

Home pizza size

For beginners

Even if you’re a beginner and buy frozen pizzas, you can always add toppings to your liking, grease extra tomato sauce on the rim, and garnish with cheese. Frozen pizza can save a lot of time and money.

Frozen pizza takes no time to rise the dough and is not annoying to wait for delivery. Stocking up on frozen pizza allows me to quickly find a way out if someone wants more pizza and the ordering pizza is too long.

I’ll be honest with you; someone makes homemade pizzas and freezes them for future use. Guess who?

For advanced

If you’re no longer new to pizza making, try using whole wheat flour. This will make a pizza with a better nutrient content than regular white flour.

And it’s not just about the flour. I like homemade pizzas because I am 100% sure of the ingredients. I know that all products will be fresh and of high quality. I know their nutrients and can reduce unhealthy fats as I see fit.

At home, I usually make a square pizza in the shape of a rectangular pizza stone. Using all the space in the oven allows me to conserve energy. At home, I have the choice to make a small pizza for a snack or the largest pizza in the entire oven for a party and I don’t have to think about how many inches it will be.

For masters

For professionals, a pizza oven is the way to go. They come in one or two decks and produce pizzas up to 16 inches in diameter. With this quick baking machine, you can have as much pizza as you want.

This equipment is suitable for both classic recipes and for experiments with pizza toppings. You can always try substituting tomato sauce for something unusual. You can move from regular pepperoni pizza to the most delicate toppings because the high-speed heat will keep them from drying out. And eating pizza can become something surprisingly unusual.

Measure Pizza Sizes: FAQ

What are standard pizza sizes?

Pizza varies depending on the diameter and is available from 8 to 16 inches. Standard sizes are the small 10-inch pizza, the medium 12-inch one, and the large 14-inch one.

What size is 16 inch pizza?

The 16-inch pizza is the largest size, it’s called extra large or pizza party.

What size is a 10 inch pizza?

A 10-inch pizza is a small pizza size which is cut into 6 slices and is designed for two persons.

How big is a 14 inch pizza?

A 14 inch pizza is a large pizza. It is cut into 8 slices and is big enough for a few people.


Our review confirms that pizza size does matter. We have found that the most popular pizza size is the 12 inch pizza. We have figured out that pizza size is measured by inches in diameter. It’s easier for us to make the right choice knowing the size of pizza in inches and how many slices it has.

Pizza Sizes Inches

When we host guests, we all want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. Hope, our slice and square calculations help you order just the right amount of pizza treats.

If you’ve been looking for the size in inches for homemade pizza, know that the view and flavors of your own pizza will make you hungrier than a visit to a Pizza Hut.

Try new recipes and may the Perfect Pizza Force be with you!

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