How to Fold Pizza Box: Easy to Store Leftovers in the Fridge

How to effectively use the room in your fridge? If you’re the kind of person who gets mad about half-empty packages taking up shelves, we’ve got good news for you.

Here’s a pizza box folding hack for storing leftover pizza that you’ve decided to hold onto in your fridge for tomorrow. Read on to learn how to fold pizza box in half.

How to Fold Pizza Box: You'll Love This Leftover Quick Hack

Tiktok Life Hack How to Fold Pizza Box in Half

It all sparked when a Tiktok user @Nateandgran posted “Pizza box life hacks”. His video got tons of views and started a trend where everyone wanted to find out if the pizza box hack worked.

Some onlookers questioned whether packing any pizza place would pass this trick. Then a user @Ccsmilezz made a remake of that clip, taking a Domino’s carton. It became clear that really any box could do it.

After watching this video, users from all over the world tested different boxes and were thrilled because this pizza box folding hack works amazingly well. All because that packaging method really saves room in the fridge.

In the comments below the video, users thanked the author for the idea and posted their own videos of folding pizza boxes for leftovers. And now we have the perfect how-to instruction ready to go.

Pizza Box Folding Hack to Save Refrigerator Space

Reducing a box isn’t really a problem at all. Initially, get rid of the box cover. Cut above the rim of the box, as we will still need it. By the way, don’t throw away the lid from the box, because it can turn into four small plates.

First get rid of the pizza box cover

Then estimate the pizza leftovers to figure out what your ideal size is and mark a line. This is the first fold line that limits the bottom of your upgraded pizza box. If dense cardboard prevents you from folding this origami, then make small notches in the sidewalls.

Now your box has a proper bottom, three side walls, and a piece of cardboard for the future cover. And the next step is to decide if you need the fourth rim. Guess you need it for a thick crust pizza. For a thin crust, skip to the next step at once.

Just know that if you’ve read this far, you’re already halfway to find out how to fold a pizza box in half.

To make the fourth rim, step back from the bottom line at the desired distance and make a fold. As a standard, take the height of the other three sidewalls. Again, make small side notches at the edges if it is difficalt to bend.

Now that you have the box bottom and the four rims, think about the top of the box. Most likely the rest of the material will be just right for the cover. You can leave a rim on the edge of the cover to use as a flap for closing.

The only thing left to do now is to cut off the excess material, if any, and your new mini box is ready to use.

Make plates out of pizza box lids

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FAQ: To Fold a Pizza Box in Half

How do you fold a leftover pizza box?

To make it quick, just rip off the top lid, fold or tear off the side flaps, and simply fold the bottom in half.

Can you fold a pizza box?

Of course, each carton can be folded as you need it. You can create your own mini container from an entire box.

How do you fold a Marco’s pizza box?

Of course, this works with Marco’s too, you can reduce the size for any pizza package.

What are the flaps on pizza boxes for?

The side flaps make the package sturdy, so that the box holds its shape well and the lid does not press the pizza on top.

Tiktok video helps to fold pizza box to save fidge room

Final thoughts

Thanks to Tiktok user @Ccsmilezz for his pizza box life hacks. I am now practice his pizza box hack not only for the fridge, but also for the freezer. Plus, I’m convinced that reusing cardboards is valuable for the environment and the ecology. Fridge-friendly pizza boxes should be a must for every pizza place!

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