Learn How To Reheat Leftover Pizza in The Air Fryer in 5 Minutes

Air fryer works wonders! Without a doubt, it really is the best invention of mankind. And how to reheat leftover pizza in the air fryer is a trivial matter.

How to reheat leftover pizza in the air fryer for 5 minutes

It can turn the dull leftovers of yesterday’s dinner into fresh tasty snacks, cook the most crispy french fries and even hard-boiled eggs in a matter of minutes, there are so many air fryer recipes out there. You can find more air fryer recipes all over the internet. You can air fryer prep so many things, you will be surprised.

Get the most out of this device (especially since it sits idle most of the time anyway), cook frozen pizza in it, we promise a crunchy crust and inviting aroma. The surrounding pizzerias will have a hard time.

Thanks to convection heating, which circulates air around the food, the Air fryer quickly heats frozen pizza from all sides and prevents it from getting wet.

reheating pizza

If you ordered too much pizza and left multiple slices for better times, do not rush to throw it in the microwave when you want to eat again.

In order for yesterday’s pizza to become as crispy and fragrant as it was immediately after purchase, it is better to use the proven method and reheat pizza in air fryer, this way you will avoid dry pizza.

There is nothing easier than reheating leftover pizza in air fryer.

Simply place a few thin slices in the air fryer basket and heat at 350°F for about five minutes. Make sure the slices don’t overlap while reheating pizza or you’ll end up with a slightly cheesy mess.

How To Reheat Leftover Pizza in The Air Fryer: Time Setting

Set to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and heat (optional) for about five minutes. Place the pizza slices on aluminum foil or parchment paper inside the air fryer basket, making sure they are in a single layer and do not overlap.

If you want crisp crust, leave it as is; otherwise, place another layer of tin foil or baking sheet on top, when warming up your pizza in the air fryer.

One or more layers makes a big difference in cooking time. Look at the example of pizza rolls.


How to reheat leftover pizza in the air fryer evenly

If you overlap the slices when reheating pizza in the air fryer basket, the pizza will not be heated evenly. This will cause some parts to be too hot and possibly overcooked, while thicker slices will remain cold. So spread the pieces on the surface of the grid side by side.

Can I reheat pizza in air fryer?

Oven Type: If you have a larger air fryer oven or toaster style air fryer, you can reheat as many slices as will fit on the grate or tray. Make sure the pan is in the middle position, not too close to the heating element. Cover with aluminum foil to prevent sticking when the cheese melts.

Pizza airfryer

Reheat your pizza and get crispy crust

To do this, you will need a air fryer designed for frying potatoes. Preheat the air fryer to 350°F, and pre-sprinkle the pizza slices with cooking spray or any vegetable oil (so the crust will become crispy again).

Then pour a couple of teaspoons of water under the main compartment of the air fryer basket so that a little steam is generated during heating (so the pizza does not dry out).

Place the pizza slices in the air fryer and make sure they don’t overlap. Cook them for about four minutes. Voila – pizza is fresh and juicy, as if just out of the oven again!

crispy crust pizza

Mistakes You Make When Having an Air Fryer

You don’t add oil

It seems to many that in order to get healthy fried foods from the air fryer, you do not need to add absolutely no oil. As a result, you end up with dry and tasteless food.

These air fryers move the hot air around the food to heat the food instead of just heating the bottom. Because of all this air, the liquid from the food evaporates. You only need a spoonful of oil in order to avoid this. This will help retain moisture and flavor while reheating pizza in air fryer.

Reheat Pizza 1

Why is an air fryer better than an oven?

First of all, air fryers impart crunchiness to the food.

The air fryer gives the food a crispy texture, while the oven makes the food softer. You can even cook vegetables in the air fryer! There are so many delicious recipes to try.

You don’t use an air fryer to heat leftover food

What could be worse than when you spend money on takeout pizza, and in case you didn’t finish the pizza in one sitting, the next day you get a soggy slice instead of a crispy pie with delicious gooey cheese.

The air fryer will make your reheated pizza hot, crispy and fresh, just like the day before and will definetely not make your crust soggy!

Ninja not only makes appliances but posts awesome recipes on how to cook and reheat food in the air fryer. Just check out this variety!

Pizza In the Air Fryer

There are numerous air fryer recipes, among which you can find homemade pizza, because air fryer not only for reheating pizza.

Air fryer pizzas come out so crispy and cook quickly and easily without having to turn on the oven! Perfect for custom sized pizzas.

You can simply buy ready-made pizza dough or pizza base from the grocery store. Let it rise at room temperature before cooking this recipe.

Brush the crust with olive oil before pre-baking to make it nice and crispy; or replace it with vegetable or avocado oil.

Pizza in Air Fryer

Recipe: Air Fryer Pizza Step by Step

Roll out the pizza base on a floured surface to a thickness of 1/2 cm.

Prepare the air fryer – preheat it to 400°F for at least 5 minutes.

Carefully spread the pizza crust in the air fryer basket, stretching as needed to fill the space, then drizzle with olive oil and brush the surface with a silicone brush.

Cook the pizza base for 5 minutes or until the crust is golden.

When the crust is golden brown, carefully add the pizza sauce, spreading the cheese and other toppings over the crust.

Return the basket to the air fryer and cook for another 5-7 minutes.

Watch carefully to make sure the cheese is golden and not overcooked. Enjoy!

air fryered pizza

How To Reheat Leftover Pizza in The Air Fryer: FAQ

What about reheating frozen pizza in an air fryer?

Yes, although you may have to go for mini pizza to fit in the basket. Cook your frozen pizza at 400°F and start checking 5 minutes after the start of cooking.

How do you reheat pizza in air fryer?

The air fryer is a great way to reheat pizza. Simply preheat the air fryer to 400°F for 5 minutes, then place the pizza slices in the basket. Cook pizza in the air fryer for about 3-5 minutes, checking frequently, until the cheese is melted and the pizza crust is crispy.

Can a pre-baked pizza base be used?

Yes. You can also use pita bread or naan, preheat for 2 minutes to make the crust nice and crispy, then add the filling and air fry it until the cheese is browned.

How do you store reheated pizza?

Store chilled pizza in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 4 days. While air fryer pizza is best served fresh, the air fryer will make it nice and crispy when reheated!
To do this, heat the air fryer to 350°F for 5 minutes. Place the entire pizza in the basket and reheat pizza in air fryer for 2-3 minutes until the cheese is melted and the crust is golden.
In order for the leftover pizza to be good the next day, it is important to store it properly. Just putting the box in the fridge is not enough. Wrap each piece in paper towel and then in cellophane. This way you keep the freshness and flavor of the pizza.
When reheating it, sprinkle with a little of your favorite spices like oregano and some parmesan cheese. And your pizza will look like it was just baked.

For how long should I put leftover pizza in the air fryer?

Depends on whether your pizza has a thick crust or thin crust and what size it is. It will be optimal to reheat pizza for 4-5 minutes. You can check your pizza for doneness and increase the cooking time if necessary.

Is pizza better reheated in an oven or in an air fryer?

Here you should rely only on your personal taste. Air fryer reheated pizza leftovers are crispier, while reheating pizza in an oven makes it softer, especially with thick crust pizza leftovers. What do you like more?

Reasons Why Reheating Pizza in Air Fryer Is a Good Idea

  • The pizza turns out crispy and with a gooey filling, as if it had just been cooked.
  • It’s fast and definitely doomed to success. Reheat pizza in air fryer when you want best reheated pizza with melted cheese, delicious bottom crust and topping in less time.
  • This applies to all types of leftover pizza, air frying is good for thin crust pizza, thick crust pizza or regular crust pizza and to all types of air fryer, including oven style air fryer and basket air fryer.
pizza slice

Little tips to help you reheat pizza in an air fryer oven

  • Thinner pieces can be heated for 3-4 minutes, and thicker pieces for 5-6 minutes.
  • Pieces of the same thickness should be heated together for the same amount of time.
  • You can always lower the temperature, when reheating pizza. If you notice that the pizza burns faster than it warms up, reduce the temperature by 20-30 degrees.
  • Remove the pieces once they have warmed up. Do not be lazy to pull out the pieces of hot pizza, remove them from air fryer basket, otherwise they will dry out or even burn.

When reheating pizza in the air fryer, it is important to make sure that the crust has the right consistency and crunchiness. To do this, leftover pizza needs to be reheated efficiently and quickly. You must use a very hot device when doing this.

Commercial ovens and air fryers can heat up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, while wood-fired pizza ovens can get even hotter.

reheat pizza

Microwaving Leftover Pizza

Okay, last warm-up method. You CAN microwave leftover pizza and still get good results.

Is there a trick to this? Put a glass of water in the microwave when reheating pizza slices (or two). Allegedly 30 seconds at high power and that’s it!

I suggest playing with the power setting and time as I think it usually takes at least a minute for a single fragment.

Obviously, there are many options for reheating pizza. Choose whatever is best for you.

microwave reheating

How To Reheat Pizza in A Toaster

Plug the toaster into the oven with the leftover pizza slices! It’s a quick and easy way to get gooey cheese and a crispy crust, if you can’t cook your pizza in the air fryer.

Step 1: Preheat to 350°F and place the slices in your toaster oven.

Step 2: Use a medium heat cycle for 3-4 minutes or until the cheese flavor is nice and melted. Take it out of the toaster and enjoy!

Pizza in a Toaster Oven

The Best Way To Reheat Pizza on The Stove

If you don’t really like the crispy results you get when warming pizza in the air fryer, try using a baking sheet on the stovetop to heat up your leftover pizza. Many pizza lovers say this method of heating on the pan really works

Step 1:

To get started, grab your favorite non-stick skillet. If you don’t have a non-stick pan, you can lightly coat the pan with non-stick cooking spray.

Step 2:

Turn the stove on to medium-low heat. This makes it less likely that the pizza slices will start to burn while you are trying to reheat it. Let the pizza heat up for a couple of minutes, or until the bottom of the slice is golden brown.

Step 3:

Put your fingers under the faucet and let them run off with a little water. Then, drizzle a few drops into the pan and watch it sizzle instantly.

This sizzling will also cause water to leak out of the pot, so make sure you don’t stand too close to the stove.

Step 4:

Use a pan lid or any lid you can find to cover the pan. This allows the water to add some much-needed moisture to the cheese while the pizza slices are reheating.

After that, you can reheat pizza on low heat for one more minute and then it will be ready to eat.

pizza in skillet

How To Reheat Pizza on The Grill

Preheat the grill for at least 15 minutes, reduce the temperature to medium or medium-low, place the frozen pizza directly on the grate, close the lid and reheat pizza for 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the crust.

Be careful not to burn the bottom. Once the cheese starts bubbling and the crust is crispy, carefully remove the pizza from the grill with heat-resistant tongs, cool and enjoy.

how to use a pizza stone

How To Reheat Pizza in The Oven

Not everyone has an oven at hand, but if you are at home and you have nowhere to rush, then you can use this particular kitchen appliance. Pizza will be as tasty, warm, fragrant as the first day you bought it. It is necessary to heat up at a temperature of 160 degrees and place the dish in a warm, not heated oven.

Warming up Pizza In a Waffle Iron

You may have seen videos on the Internet where cinnamon rolls or cheese sandwiches are made in a waffle iron. New trick – learn how to reheat pizza in it. It sounds strange, but since they even make scrambled eggs in it, why not try it, at this rate it will soon replace the microwave.

pizza waffle

How to cook pizza in a waffle iron:

Lightly defrost the pie so that pizza reheats more evenly, and place the pizza slice between two sheets of parchment paper. And expect a miracle!

Whatever method you decide to use to reheat pizza, remember that any frozen pizza can be made tastier (and even tastier than from the nearest delivery) by adding new ingredients to it.

Who said taking it out of the box and defrosting is enough, and that the recipe is already perfect? Add pepperoni, pineapple or hot peppers to it, brush the crust with olive oil or a mixture of melted butter with garlic, oregano and parmesan, put a lot of cheese – do not limit your imagination. It is a great way to heat up your pie, if you are not able to reheat pizza in air fryer.

By the way, have you ever seen Korean pizza waffles? There will always be something to improve on in our pizza experience. Take a look!

Using a Pizza Stone to Reheat Leftover Pizza

Actually it is a great tool for people who love to bake pizza at home or reheat leftover pizza. However, it must be used correctly and must be preheated.

How long does it take to heat up a pizza stone in the oven?

How long you need to preheat the pizza stone depends on the oven and the range of temperatures available. Ideally, you should preheat the pizza stone for at least 45 minutes to get it fully heated.

There are people who think that it is not necessary to reheat the pizza for a long time, but the correct answer is to still reheat pizza stone well, even if you have thin crust. In fact, some people reheat it for an hour to get a crispy pizza. It is still better to air fry, but whatever works for you.

Learn more about pizza stones at our link: 5 Easy Steps How To Season A Pizza Stone.

pizza stone oven large

Food in an air fryer is cooked using hot air currents. The range of dishes that can be cooked in an air fryer strikes the imagination of even professional chefs. These are soups, main dishes, pastries, yogurts, porridge, smoked dishes, dried mushrooms and fruits, and even preparations for the winter. In an air fryer, you can easily heat up a dish and defrost any product.

When cooking in an air fryer, there is no need to use fats – vegetable or butter. As a result, cooking does not form carcinogens in food, which are formed during frying (especially in a deep fryer). In addition, the fat contained in the products flows into a special compartment, which makes the dish dietary.

An air fryer is a universal electrical appliance that allows you to organize proper nutrition for the whole family. The air fryer has the convenience of a microwave oven, but it is completely harmless to health. In an air fryer, you can cook more dishes than on a conventional home stove or in the oven, but at the same time it is easier and more convenient to do it. It seems that the air fryer has all the necessary qualities to eventually replace gas and electric stoves.

pizza stone

Final Thoughts

There is a plethora of ways to reheat pizza. We think air fryer is the best option to reheat pizza. Reheating pizza in air fryer gives it crunchiness, at the same time you will have delicious toppings, not at all burnt.

Do not rush to throw away leftover pizza, even if you don’t have air fryer and cannot reheat pizza in an air fryer. Reheat pizza in an oven, on a pan, in a toaster, or even waffle iron!

pizza slices on a grid

Make sure to reheat pizza evenly by placing thicker slices on one layer, and thinner ones on the other.

Keep an eye on your pizza in the air fryer, check the bottom crust and chesse, and reduce temperature if it burns. You can add a little oil, if you are scared of burning your pizza in air fryer.

Just remember to be careful when reheating deep dish pizza in air fryer, it is a lot more easier to reheat thin crust pizza in air fryer basket or anywhere.

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