What size is a large pizza? Pizza Sizes Guide for you

What size is a large pizza? What pizza sizes are better? How many inches in diameter each size is? What is group taste? How many adults or kids do you feed with this? What if someone wants more pizza and it’s not enough of what you ordered?

It sometimes happens that you want to spend a quiet family or friend evening watching movies and eating pizza, to organize pizza night or birthday parties. Then you should reply with some questions: how much pizza is better, how many pizza slices everyone should receive?

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How many inches is a large pizza?

Normally 14 inches is a large one. Strictly speaking, a large pie is a size from 12 inches to 16. You should know if to order the smallest pizza just only for you, several small pizzas for the company, medium or biggest pizzas for parties with a lot of people. It’s always better to ask chefs how many inches every size is.

How to be correct in choosing the best pizza?

Let’s analyze which pizza size is the best and decide what dish you may order for an exact event, and how many inches are in each size.

Let’s answer the question: where did pizza come from, what is it like?

Pizza is a delicacy that has no restrictions on the set of ingredients, or cooking recipes. There are options for gourmets, vegetarians, hot peppers lovers, mushrooms, or seafood admirers. It is prepared using special technology. It is not easy to achieve the desired result on your own. For the filling, you will have to buy a lot of products.

Today, this dish is an integral part of our daily life, it has become almost a national dish around the world in any country.

Pizza in a big company, for dinner, breakfast, on the day off, and many more different options to eat this fragrant nutritious pastry.

It has a history of many years, it is still unknown who first came up with the dish. Historians still discuss who created this dish. Nowadays it’s common to consider pizza as an Italian dish.

Modern pizza is a dish made according to the following principles:

  • made from dough based on flour, water, and yeast;
  • various ingredients are placed on top of rolled dough, of which the most classic are tomatoes and mozzarella;
  • baked in a wood-fired oven, although modern versions are also cooked in electric ovens.

If you ask a person living in Rome what pizza tastes like in his city, he will describe it as crispy and thin, while a Neapolitan will talk about soft pie, for a Sicilian from the city of Palermo, pizza, for the most part, will generally have square shape and many sauces.

Services nowadays

Who doesn’t love pizza? This wonderful dish is one of the most loved, many people always wish to achieve it. Nowadays, one of the most popular services is delivery. There are convenient services to order dishes and eat at home. It is useful for everyone to learn how to use them in order to save time and money.

What if there is no time, opportunity, or desire to go to the kitchen or to a good restaurant? There is always an opportunity to organize dinner or lunch as quickly as possible, regardless of location – this is the work of specialized services.

Pizza delivery is a great opportunity to combine work time and delicious lunch in the office, to refuse to visit the restaurant and enjoy food from a chef in your favorite place, comfortably sitting at home.

Different payment methods, round-the-clock availability, only fresh ingredients to cook, the minimum arrival time of courier – all this is a reason to order food at home. It is true when guests are on the doorstep, or after a busy day at work, there is no desire to stand by the stove.

Ordering dishes from restaurants through special services is significant savings in money, always expected results, and excellent taste sensations. After all, food is prepared by professionals. It doesn’t matter how many kilometers far the pizzeria is located, while the courier is driving, he or she does not even have time to cool the pizza down. You may call a local pizzeria, and check the information, for sure every pizzeria could suggest to you specialty pizzas.

What pizza types exist?

Now you can find many options, popular types with classic toppings: Margherita, Pizza 4 kinds of cheese, pepperoni pizza, or just plain cheese pizzas. There are very popular ones created by chefs from other countries: Bavarian, Greek, etc. Every country has this dish with its own national title. Various authoring options are successful. There is also a closed one, somewhat reminiscent of pies with filling, it is called Calzone.

Since it’s used to say that pizza is an Italian dish, we will introduce an example of 9 types of Italian pizza that everyone simply needs to know: Napoletana, Calzone, Romana, Al taglio, Siciliana, Fritta, Al tegamino, Al metro or Alla Palla, Gourmet. As we can see, there are a lot of varieties of Italian pizza.

In the world exist many kinds of this dish, but also you should remember that pizza size is important. We are going to analyze sizes, inches in diameter, and describe how many inches you can find in every size which exists.

What are the best types of pizza?

Just a few basics: taste is a subjective feeling, someone is delighted with seafood, someone is with cream cheese, and someone may serve anything, but only without meat.

Therefore, we are going to speak only about the most popular types, you can decide which one to choose.


It got its name in honor of Queen Margaret of Savoy, who had a weakness for this dish. It is classic, at the same time the most affordable dish in terms of its cost, the filling of which includes mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and herbs.

If you’re deciding what kind of dish to order in a way that’s inexpensive, then Margherita is a great choice. At the same time, it just has a chic taste due to the most delicate cheese, and juicy tomatoes.

4 cheese

This is also a classic version, which is served in many restaurants. Chefs periodically argue among themselves which cheeses should go into this recipe, as the ones used originally are only made by a few old-school Italian farmers.

cheese slate compressed


The same, standing alone, closed pizza. A delicious dish from the central and southern regions of Italy. It is prepared in five different types, both classic (Calzone Naples) and not so much (Calzone with salmon, or Calzone with ham). These types, according to their fans, are juicier than their brother’s open to the world.


Sophisticated lovers of seafood and redfish squeal with delight when they see such food in the picture. You can order it and try it yourself. The filling includes cold-smoked salmon, olives, sea cocktail, cream sauce, spinach leaves, and mozzarella cheese.


There are people who have been injured in heated arguments about where this recipe comes from. It combines pineapple with chicken fillet.

The most likely version is that it was invented in 1962 by Sam Panopoulos, a Greek who emigrated to Canada and opened his own pizzeria. Hawaiian is one of the most consumed pizza varieties in the world.

tasty hawaiian pizza chicken pineapple wooden cutting board close up 180917471


Oh, du lieber Augustin, Augustin, Augustin!!! Bavarian is named after the region of Germany, where the Oktoberfest festival is held and traditions are strictly honored. It will make anyone who decides to order it wears shorts with suspenders and sings the famous tune. For the filling of the Bavarian normally chefs use bacon, hunting sausages, granular mustard, canned mushrooms, pickled onions, olives, parsley, tomato sauce, and cheese.

It turns out incredible!

Each chef has his own secrets of perfect taste

In Sicily, pizza with sprats has long been baked, in Brazil – with beets and green peas. Everywhere recipes are different, and each chef is looking for his secrets to achieve the perfect taste.

What is the main secret? The only item is that the right balance of ingredients makes any dish perfect. This rule is no exception for pizza. The secret is to combine dough and toppings correctly.

Why the size is so important?

  • There are many versions of pizza exist, different types and also you can find many sizes. There always exists discussion about what size is correct, but every human has a favorite type of dish. The main question is what is the size of a large pizza? How many inches in diameter are in the biggest pizza, how many inches is a large pizza?
  • The secret of taste is in the balance of ingredients and pizza size. You may find pizzas thin and crispy or dishes with a bready texture, with a thick or thinner crust. How to recognize how many ingredients and sauces you need? It depends on the size. If you have large pizza you should have more sauce, cheese, and different ingredients than a small one.
  • Proportions of filling and size directly affect the taste of the dish and its texture. If you add too much sauce, then pizza turns out raw and tasteless. If you overdo it with cheese, you get a too creamy and greasy taste.
  • When you order a dish, you should always ask: “What sizes of pizza do you have? How many inches each size? What size is the large pizza? How many slices a large pizza has?” Every pizzeria has its own sizes and decides how many inches to offer, that’s why always you should clarify and realize if it’s suitable and enough for people and events you host.

How to order pizza correct?

When you order a dish, first you should decide how many people are you going to invite, and how many pieces for everyone you may suggest. Obviously, everyone is going to wish to eat more than one slice. The best is to order a large-size pizza because it provides four or five medium pieces. If you aren’t sure about the exact number of people, you should better know how many inches is a large pizza, how many slices you have in total for everyone.

What number of pizzas and slices do you need for a certain number of people?

It depends on how many inches every pie has and the method of slicing in pizzerias, one slice weighs on average 80-150 grams (mostly about 100 grams), so the average person needs two or three slices to eat enough (this indicator is also affected by type – with a thick or thin crust, as well as the type of filling – the more cheese, meat or meat products, the more satisfying and high-calorie it is).

Size affects choice: if it’s a large pie, you may have fewer slices; in the case of a small size you need to cut into more slices. It turns out that for one person on average you need about three slices.

Let’s compare sizes and decide what benefits we have. Also, let’s analyze how many slices are in each size.

Benefits of Pizza Sizes

pizza size benefit

Small Pizza

It is going to be enough if you order a dish for yourself or a small group of people. Small 8-inches size pizza has approximately five and seven medium slices. If it’s part of several people, small pizzas are nice because its average pieces, but you should have several small pizzas to make everyone happy. If you want to eat pizza alone or invite someone to join you small pizza is the best decision.

Medium Pizza

Medium-sized pizza is perfect to feed a lot of people. This is 12-inches, it can have four or five pieces. For a hungry group of people, medium pizza is not enough, but suitable if it is going to accompany other food.

Large Pizza

The size of 14 inches is large. It is going to be cut into ten slices and can include up to five toppings. For a group of people, this size is nice.

The information we suggest below helps to count and order the correct number of dishes:

  • Two people: one small pizza or medium pizza.
  • Three people: one medium or large pizza.
  • Five people: two medium pizzas; one large and one small.
  • Ten people: three large pizzas; five medium pizzas (for hungry people).
  • Fifteen people: five medium pizzas; five large pizzas (for hungry people).
  • Twenty people: six large pizzas.

What size is a large pizza? video instructions


As we mentioned, pizzas are different, that’s why making an order in a particular local pizzeria, ask what they advise for the company of a certain number of people so that everyone is satisfied with the order. Remember to ask how many calories it has, also you should remember that thin crusts are better to keep yourself slim. But it is also important to remember that thin crusts compared to thick ones, don’t satisfy your appetite quickly enough.

So, the conclusion: small 8-inches pizza is nice for one person, medium 12 inches is for two, large 16 inches is normally for four people. Maybe in some cases, it’s better to order a lot of small pizzas instead of a large pizza. Also, you should put attention to the type of dish: thick or thin crust pizza.

What size is a large pizza? How many inches is a large one, and how many slices does it provide?

Firstly, it is worth considering the most common sizes and how many inches is every size. We suggest basic ones: 8, 16, 26, 30, and 38 inches.

Is also influential on how thick is pizza. Good tone is the preparation of a вough no more than 2-5 mm thick. In the American version of this dish lush dough is only welcome, the thickness of this may be up to one cm.

Remember about the thickness of the sides. For Italian thin crust pizza, the thickness of one side is no more than one cm. The American version is correspondingly thicker.

The work on identifying ideal size was carried out by Sheffield mathematician, her name is Eugenia Cheng. The purpose of the work is to combine cooking and mathematics, in this way to prove that exact science is everywhere. With its help, we can show a formula for almost everything.

According to this research, one bitten-off piece of cake with a diameter of thirty cm has ten percent more filling than a cake of 36 cm. Also, we should remember about sides. Ordering one large pie with a diameter of thirty-six cm, you’re going to have more toppings per one cm than in two pizzas with a diameter of eighteen cm.

Because two dishes have twice as many crusts, it makes the filling ratio and tests unevenly. Moreover, small pizza demands a thicker crust to achieve excellent taste, and large pies normally have a thin crust. Based on the above conclusions, the perfect size is thirty-eight cm.

Using a scientific approach, you are able to enjoy the perfect taste of any type with harmonious combinations, favorite toppings, and dough.

How many people you can feed with a large pie?

Everything depends on the appetite of guests. The general rule is that a large pie can feed about six people, and mostly one person is going to eat at least a couple of slices.

What is the occasion?

You should consider the occasion before ordering pizza. If you want to have lunch with pizza, probably you’ll need a large pizza for two-four people. If you are going to invite about eight people, you can ask for three or four dishes. Kids’ parties can be accompanied by some pizzas, for this occasion medium pizzas are going to be perfect. You may ask for ten slices instead of eight as it normally happens with medium pies.

How to choose pizza the best size for you and your family?

feature family 1

Probably you are planning to order pizza for family dinner, it’s going to be a great option to save time and enjoy the nice taste of your favorite dish. You should achieve enough pizza to treat everyone. We may suggest some advice:

Use Calculation Formula

Consider the number of people, calculate the exact number of pizza slices and try to answer how many pizzas will be suitable. It is always preferable to order with a margin. You can always finish your pizza later or even freeze it.

Choose Ingredients for you and the best types of pizza

Decide the most suitable price of pizza and order it, choose your favorite toppings. Cheese is not expensive, but other ingredients like pepperoni, seafood, or vegetables are more expensive. Thin-crust pie will be cheaper than thick-crust one. Match the size with the type of pizza, and recognize the price.

Is a large pizza 12 or 16 inches?

  • It’s common to say that 16 inches are a large pizza, sometimes it’s recognized as extra-large pizza, but it’s not the largest pizza in the world.
  • The number of slices a large pizza provides depends on the pizzeria and its method of cutting.
  • Size till 12 inches is a small pizza, from 12 inches to 14 is medium, and from 14 inches to 16 is large.
  • A size bigger than 16 inches we can recognize as extra-large pizza.

Is 16-inch a big size?

In the USA it is the most popular pizza size, exactly 16 inches. Everyone there says that 16 inches is a large pie, which is great to feed a big group.

  • A 16-inches sometimes is described as extra-large pizza, for four people it’s going to be enough.
  • How many slices we can achieve? A 16-inch pizza provides 8-10 servings, even you can achieve 12 slices. With 12-inch pizza, you may achieve only 4-6 servings.
  • For treating a group of people or even a crowd, several large pizzas are a great choice.
  • Large pizza’s diameter normally is about 14-16 inches. It is good for a large group of people (4-6 people), it depends on the appetite is everyone. For example, you may feed everyone with 1-2 slices.
  • For a larger company, you can use another option and achieve a pizza of 22 inches, which has even more servings.

You should ask for pizzeria info about pizza sizes: how many inches is small pizza, a medium pizza, or large pizza, what size is a large pie, and extra large pizzas, and any options they suggest. A large pizza size of 16 inches should be enough for a group of people. To save money, you can check if it’s cheaper to order several medium pizzas.

Something interesting about 16-inches pizza

  • This pizza of 16 inches is large and the most popular in the USA, it has about 256 square inches which is equivalent to 4.5 small pizzas.
  • One human eats 1/3 of 16-inch size. So, six people eat two slices each.
  • You can find the special option “Create Your Own”, in some restaurants as Pizza Hut suggests it for 16-inch large pizzas! It allows you to decide everything and choose from crusts, sauces, and toppings to add.
  • Since 16-inches is a large pizza, you may have about 44 slices of pepperoni. Just imagine that it’s really a lot! Even if it’s another type of pizza but not a pepperoni pizza.

Is a 14-inch pizza big?

  • A 14-inches pizza is large, sometimes described as medium. It offers around ten slices.
  • Large 14-inch pizzas are suitable for from three to five people, it has from eight slices to twelve. To have confidence that it’s suitable you should calculate the number of people.
  • If you want to treat each person with two slices, you should count the number of pizzas you need. It’s always better to buy even more than you need in case someone wants an extra slice.
  • 14-inches pizza is perfect in case you want to try everything a little bit, besides a pizza of one flavor ask for the same but with a different flavor. You have choices from a variety of ingredients, sauces, and toppings.
  • Approximately the number of toppings for a 14-inch pizza is from 3 to 4 toppings.

You should always remember that too many toppings sometimes is not good, especially if pizza is based on the thin dough.

12 inches is large pizza? Which are medium pizzas?

  • 12 inches is typical for medium pizza, it is 113 square inches.
  • Basically, one 12-inch pizza has about eight slices. If you want, cut such pizza into 6 slices if you like big servings.
  • If you prefer smaller servings, it’s better to cut in small slices, in this case, it’s possible to achieve even 16 slices.
  • Medium pizza is good for small groups. If you prefer to feed each person with two slices, 12-inches pizza is perfect for four people. If at least one person wants three pieces, 12-inch pizza is not enough.
  • Don’t forget that one of the most important components is the width of the outer crust. The edible section is less in size if the crust of thin crust pizza is approximately one inch.
  • If you like thicker or thinner crust, you will need at least sauce to eat this with good taste or ask a chef to fill it with cheese or topping.

FAQ about pizza

What are the main ingredients to make pizza dough?

The main ingredients are water, flour, salt, and yeast.

What is the secret of thin and crispy pizza?

The crispy crust is the result of an increase in the amount of flour in relation to water.

Why is sugar added to the dough?

Sugar speeds up the fermentation process.

Why do we need salt?

Salt, unlike sugar, slows down the fermentation process.

Is there a difference between fermentation and sourdough?

Of course. Fermentation is an oxidation process that produces ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Sourdough, on the other hand, changes the structure of gluten. Which includes more than 300 chemical processes.

Why do we need leaven? What happens if the dough is poorly fermented?

With poor starter dough, pizza dough has an elastic consistency, bubbles on the surface, and when you roll it out, it is difficult to give the desired shape.

What is the order in which ingredients are added when making pizza dough?

First, water, yeast, and flour are kneaded to get a compact mass. Then we should add salt. And finally, olive oil.

What happens in the oven?

-There are three modes of heat transfer: radiation, conduction, and convection.

How much wood is used on average when baking a pizza in the oven?

On average, about 7-10 kg of firewood per hour is required.


In this article, we described what is pizza, and which types of this fantastic dish exist. We analyzed pizza sizes and suggested to you which size is better for which number of people. You can take a small and large pizza or mini pizzas, crispy pizzas or not, you may offer a round pizza or square.

As an option, you may buy frozen pizzas in pizza shops, for example, a large frozen pizza, medium-sized frozen pizza, small, or any possible pizza size. To buy frozen pizzas is a good decision if you want to prepare for an event sometime before, all you need is to warm it up. Medium-sized frozen pizza is universal for any event because it gives the opportunity to take only a part of it to prepare and another part to keep frozen.

You always can choose pizza types in a special way if you and your guests are with major pizza appetites. For some people, it’s important to know how many calories all dishes have. According to requirements, you may choose the smallest pizza, several small pizzas, medium pies, or a large pie, with a very thin crust and not so many inches in diameter or in the contrary large pizza, thin and crispy pizzas, or based on thick dough ones…

If you want to make your own pizza and don’t have a pizza oven yet, we suggest you check out the list of Best Commercial Pizza Oven.

Just switch on your fantasy, and enjoy your time!

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