Pizza Pan With Holes vs No Holes: Which is Better? (perfectly cooked pizza)

Each pizza lover is wondering what kind of pizza pans to find: pizza pan with holes
or not. This is a very difficult decision, especially if you are looking for the perfect crispy pizza crust. Different types of pizza pans are suitable for pizza, and they can be completely different, and pizzas are always completely different.

You can use a pizza pan with holes, you can use a pizza grid, a classic pizza cut-out pan to make thick crust pizzas, a frying pan, and specialized pizza pans from specialty stores, that is, they can be both with holes and without holes.

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So, why pizza pan is better?

Both with and without holes, each pizza pans has its advantages and disadvantages, and before choosing the perfect shape, try to first understand what you expect from these pizza pans. In this article, we will try to look at the main types of pizza pans with holes and pizza pans without holes and see how they affect the cooking process.

What is the best pizza pan to bake crispy pizza?

The crispy layer and cooking process, appearance, and most importantly, the type of pizza perforated pan crust depends not only on the recipe and type of pizza pan with holes but also on the cooking time for cooking it. We have prepared for you several Ooni pizza dough recipe that will help you be the perfect chef.


Each of the possible options requires a certain degree of attention and allows you to get different results. They are chosen to take into account the type of pan with holes where it is baked, as well as other features.

Frying pan

A flat round metal shape is used for cooking both in a home pizza perforated pan and in professional equipment in a cafe or pizzeria. It is convenient because:

skillet breakfast pizza
  • suitable for both cooking the best pizza crust and cooking process
  • it is easy to clean
  • serves for a long time
  • It also allows you to bake products on crispy blanks and get a crust that is easily bent

Is a piazza pan with holes better?

  • A high-walled pizza pan made of thick materials, aluminum or non-stick is suitable for making thin crust pizza.
  • A dish with a thick layer of cheese and a thin Chicago-style pizza should be baked in a dish with sides so that the filling does not leak out.
  • This type of container is durable, but requires care in operation and darkens over the cooking process

Aluminum screens

  • Aluminum screens or metal pizza pans are ideal for a conveyor oven
  • These perforated pizza pans allow you to make a portion in just 3 minutes of baking time

Availability of holes:

  • passes heat
  • prevents condensation on the bottom after your baking time
  • allows you to get an appetizing pizza crust

Aluminum perforated pizza pans

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  • Aluminum perforated pizza pans can be used without lubrication of olive or canola oil
  • Products do not stick to them because of thick materials. However, pizza screens require careful handling
  • Before cooling, pizza screens are not placed on edge and are not subjected to blows
  • After being taken out of the pizza pan, pizza screens spread on a flat surface
  • Pizza screens are available for sale in various sizes. Most often, models with a diameter of 23-45 cm are chosen

Is a pizza stone better than a pan?

Used in cafes or other establishments for quick preparation and serving. Suitable for cooking in a standard household pizza pan. Differ in big thickness in comparison with a standard pan with holes from ceramics.


  • absorbs excess moisture
  • retains heat after cooking
  • provides the ability to fry the pizza for the appearance of a crust


  • The downside is that it needs to be reheated before cooking
  • It is also worth knowing that the stone can crack from high temperatures and cooking time
  • Not suitable for cutting and serving

Glass form

  • Pizza screens are made from fire-resistant glass.
  • It retains heat well and does not allow the crust to cool for some time.
  • It has a transparent bottom and walls.
  • Provides the ability to control the degree of roasting and cooking.
  • Requires careful and careful handling. Not suitable for use without lubrication with oil.

Silicone mold for pizza

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  • Suitable for making small pizzas. Do not require lubrication of oil from burning
  • If you need to use larger blanks, they are placed on a pizza base sheet
  • Do not allow products to heat up evenly

Disposable containers

  • They can be made of aluminum mesh, a thick base, and plastic
  • Not everyone can withstand temperatures above 210°C for more than one hour
  • At the same time, they do not require careful treatment and care, they are suitable for convenient delivery. They can get a soft pizza

Pizza Pan with no Holes

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It’s worth noting that pizza takes longer to bake if you’re using a non-perforated pan. These pans have a thick bottom, so they take longer to heat up. Another problem with pans without holes is that the pizza toppings may not get enough heat. The solution to the problem is to give the pizza a little more time to cook. However, by doing so, you can also burn your pizza. The advantage of using a pizza pan without holes is that it is easy to clean compared to a pizza pan with holes

Surface features

  • In the selection process, it is worth paying attention not only to the material and dimensions but also to the type of surface of the product.
  • Models with a solid, even base will take longer to cook, but are suitable for serving.
  • Variants with a pimpled bottom provide good heat transfer and do not allow evaporation to occur. Retains a thin crust pizza base.
  • There is also a dependence of the thick crust pizza of material on the speed of preparation. The larger the layer, the longer the dish cooks and the more the thick base absorbs.

  • It offers more functionality, allowing you to bake pies, cakes, and multiple other options.
  • Adding oil to a baking pan with no holes is easy.
  • It’s easy to use, maintain, and clean.
  • It takes more time to heat up.
  • It weighs more than a holed pan.
  • It cooks slowly. Hence your pizzas can take a lot of time besides coming with soggy centers.
  • Chances of burns and leftovers are higher with a pizza base while using a pan with no holes.

Perforated pizza pan with holes vs no Holes

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Why do you need a pizza screen?

Few people thought about what kind of cooking sheet they make buns on, cook meat, pizza dough or chicken, or vegetables. We usually have a couple of those that came with the holes pizza pan, maybe ceramic or glass with high sides for a crispy crust.

Even the grate, which is included in the kit, we almost never use, but it turns out excellent meat, chicken, and grilled vegetables. At the same time, we sometimes complain that pastries, and pizza, do not always turn out the way we would like. and we believe that the products or our “crooked” hands are to blame for everything.

But in fact, you need to choose the right dishes. For bread, pizza, and various types of pastries, there is special cook evenly most pizza pans on which the crusty pizza is evenly cooked in compliance with the technology.

For example, a pizza perforated pan has a certain diameter, a low rim, and a mesh bottom. This allows air to circulate, allows cook pizza easier and excess moisture evaporates immediately.

This is precisely the main task of perforation – the removal of moisture. Then the crusty pizza rises well and bakes evenly, does not burn, as the heat treatment takes place in the desired mode.

When choosing a perforated or trellised cooking sheet, study the shape of the perforation, and check with the seller for the preparation of which this or that type is used. The perforated screen allows air to circulate, due to which cooking pizza or pies occurs quickly and cook evenly, forming a delicious pizza. The use of a screen prevents the stuffed crust from getting wet.

video review: Which pizza pan is best for baking?

Why make pizza pan with holes?

These points are made by a pizza pan, when rolling out the burnt pizzas, they are not only on the sides. To do this, we use a special roller – docker. Thus, it “expels” the air, which gives our signature crispy stuffed cakes and airy pizza of thick crust pizzas inside after cooking burnt pizzas.

A pizza pan with holes has become a panacea for many housewives who have faced the problem of not cooking pies under a layer of toppings.

Pizza pan with Holes

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The perforated pizza trays are made of aluminum and allow you to heat cakes and pizza directly. Perforated pans allow more air to pass through and distribute heat evenly, making cooking easier and preventing moisture from getting into the pizza, resulting in crispy, less sweet, and low-calorie pizza. Great for thin-crust pizzas and makes the pizza less chewy while retaining the pizza’s original flavor

The design features of the perforated pizza pan allow:

  • Many people have already appreciated the perforated pizza pan. In a pizza pan with holes, you can easily prepare cakes, the main condition is a pizza recipe.
  • The pizza pan is suitable for cooking pizza, but not everyone knows that it is very convenient to cool pastries on a perforated pan, especially with large diameter: biscuits, muffins, and muffins, a good replacement for the grill.
  • When preparing pizza with a thin pizza crust, you can immediately make a pizza with a filling, but if the stuffed crust is thick, first cook the chewy pizza itself a little using whole wheat flour, and then put the filling and make the chewy pizza already with the filling – this will allow you to accurately make even thick chewy pizza.

What to be guided by when choosing:

  • It is better to give preference to a pizza pan with holes from large specialized manufacturers.
  • Naturally, you have to pay a little more for quality, but this is the only way to hope that the mold material meets all safety requirements, the non-stick coating is not harmful, and the pan will last a long time.
  • You should not save on your health, especially, as statistics show, the difference in price is small.

  • It doesn’t retain moisture to help make pizza crispy, crusty, and less sweet.
  • The holes allow more and heat to flow through, making your pizza well-cooked.
  • It takes much less time to cook a pizza base.
  • It’s easy to reheat the leftovers or half-cooked parts while using a perforated pan.
  • It’s made of aluminum, meaning that it’s more durable and cost-effective than other options.
  • Pizza pans with holes can cause pizza and food residue to burn.
  • You cannot use these pans for several other cooking purposes.
  • Cleaning aluminum pans requires considerable effort.

Is it worth the risk?

No, choose quality and cook for health.

Benefits of Using Pizza Molds

  • Choosing the right pizza pan will help you achieve the tastiest pizza every time. Pizza pans solve several problems at once
  • The cooking sheet ensures uniform made of the evenly cooked pizza with the toppings
  • Some types of cooking sheets prevent rapid cooling and dampening of the pizza

If you choose the right pizza pan for a certain type to cook pizza, you can get exactly the result you want. Some types of this regular pizza pans are used for a thin pizza with a small amount of filling.

In this case, you need to choose a not very deep pizza pan with holes. Pieces of such pizza can be folded in half in an American manner so that it is more convenient to bring it to your mouth. For holes pizza with a lot of toppings and a soft pizza, a special pizza pan with holes is used.

In the pizza pan with holes, you can serve pizza on the table, after placing a wooden board under it. This allows you to forget about looking for a large dish and shifting still hot pastries into it with the risk of damaging your pan.

The materials from which modern pizza perforated pans are made are easy to clean. A special coating prevents the pizza from sticking to the perforated pan.

Pizza pan with or without holes FAQ

Which is the best pan for pizza?

For each type of pizza, a specific cooking pan should be selected, focusing on the four main criteria described above. For the Neapolitan “Margherita”, “Pugliese” or “Marinara” always choose a round shape. A Sicilian dish called “Sfinchini” is traditionally baked in a rectangular pan. To experiment with dough and fillings, you can choose the shape of your pan as a heart, star, or triangle. The first option is perfect for serving crispy pizza on Valentine’s Day, and the second will be the perfect complement to the festive table at the New Year’s party.

What are mesh pans and what are they used for?

Mesh pans or screens are widely used in catering establishments where pizza is prepared using conveyor ovens. Ceramic pans and glass pans are more suitable for cooking at home, although they are excellent at retaining heat and keeping the dish hot longer. Pizza in this pan can be served at the table without unnecessary decorations.

How to cook real Italian pizza?

Real Italian pizza is always baked in a wood-fired pan over an open fire. So the dish acquires a characteristic taste and aroma that cannot be repeated in the pan.

Where is a pizza pan with holes for sale and how much does it cost

Today, it is not difficult to purchase a perforated pan. Large supermarkets offer their customers a wide range of different perforated pans.

The best pizza pan for a commercial pizzeria?

Pan with low sides is used for making pizza on thin dough: Capricciosa, Quattro Formaggio, Margherita. Deep molds are suitable for baking dishes with a lot of toppings.

They are commonly used on Chicago-style American pizza, which is baked on fluffy yeast dough with the addition of oil. It is in a deep baking pan with high sides that a dense crust is obtained that pan with a large layer of filling.

Lightweight mesh screens and the disposable pan are made from aluminum. The first ones heat up very quickly, ensuring even baking of the pizza. The finished dish can be served directly on such a baking pan. The mesh bottom prevents the dough from getting damp from the bottom while cooling.

Disposable molds do not need to be washed and can be cut to remove the pizza after baking. Aluminum baking sheets have one serious drawback – they are quite fragile and bend easily, so you need to be careful with such kitchen utensils.

How do you use a Calphalon pizza pan?

  1. When the Calphalon® Cool Touch Tabletop Oven is connected, the LCD screen will light up and the START Button LED will flash.
  2. The function parameters will be displayed on the LCD screen with the function indicator on the preset default TOAST function.
  3. Turn the function dial to choose from the following 10 options: Toast (default), Bagel, Bake, Roast, Fry, Proof, Pizza, Cookie, Reheat, and Dehydrate. The function indicator will scroll when you turn the function dial.
  4. To select step cooking, keep warm or defrost, select the appropriate function below the LCD display.
  5. After selecting the desired function, use the time/temperature dial to select the desired cooking temperature or shade (for TOAST and BAGEL functions). Turn clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease.
  6. Press the START button to start preheating. PREHEAT will be displayed on the LCD screen. Make sure the oven door is closed for preheating. The oven does not heat up for the BAGEL and TOAST functions.
  7. At the end of preheating, an audible signal will sound and the START button will flash. Carefully place the food in the center of the rack for more even cooking and close the oven door. Press the START button to start the baking cycle.

Final thoughts about the best pizza mold: Surface features

In the selection process, it is worth paying attention not only to the material and dimensions but also to the type of surface of the perforated pan. Pan with a solid, even base will take longer to bake but are suitable for the baking process.

Pan with a pimpled bottom provides good heat transfer and does not allow evaporation to occur. Retains a crispy base.

There is also a dependence of the thickness of the material on the speed of cooking. The larger the layer, the longer the dish cooks and the more the sauce absorbs.

You can try making pizza in two pans to find out what kind of pizza you need.

We hope that you have received an answer to your question and please leave a comment.

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