Does pizza dough have eggs? What do you think?

Today we will look at and try to answer one of the most popular questions, whether dairy products such as milk or eggs are included in the original pizza dough recipe. Although there is a specific original recipe for any dish, especially for pizza dough very often people tend to experiment and bring something new like eggs in pizza dough.

While there are many different pizza dough ingredients available today, including ready-to-bake mixes that already have all the ingredients and no need to add anything for the perfect pizza crust, many lovers of cooking experiments themselves ask for eggs or milk to be added to their pizza dough or add eggs in pizza dough themselves when cooking at home.

So, does pizza dough have eggs? No, if you want a perfect pizza crust.

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However, the simplest and most correct version of the pizza dough recipe does not include eggs in pizza dough. Especially for people who are lactose intolerant. But some chefs deviate from this rule. In classical pizza dough recipes to have a good pizza crust, the three most important ingredients can be found: flour, yeast, and water. But still, a lot of people are interested does pizza dough have eggs.

Why aren’t eggs added to pizza dough? Because the pizza dough becomes softer and reveals the taste of the pizza itself in a different way to make a pizza crust. Also, enzymes, which can be found in dairy products, interfere with the work of yeast. Thus, pizza dough becomes less rich and crispy and more like pie dough and has a pizza crust.

Interesting? Then read on!

Does pizza dough have eggs or milk?

What famous chefs say about that?


If we take classic Italian cuisine, then the legend says that it was born thanks to the mafia. When criminals, fugitives from the law, tired of their activities, came to the shelter, they had to be fed very quickly and cheaply.

And the dough with eggs takes longer to cook, and eggs can not always be found. So it’s more logical if you are making classic pizza dough, cook it without eggs, and make the dough strictly according to the recipe of pizza dough.

But there are options and so-called “homemade pizzas” when an ordinary housewife makes some kind of pizza dough from ordinary yeast for most pizza dough with fresh eggs (in fact, try to avoid it if you have egg allergies or if you are cooking a vegan pizza and you are on a vegan diet) without thinking about pizza crust, it turns out to be delicious too.

We believe that every housewife has her favorite recipe to make a pizza crust, someone adds eggs, someone bakes pizza dough with soda on milk, for most pizza dough must contain yeast with water, and someone with vegetable oil and eggs.

There is no one recipe for this dish, eggs can be added or not added for pizza crust, nothing terrible will happen if you do not add eggs, it all depends on the taste of the consumer.

What dough is needed for pizza

To make pizza doughs, you need to use bread flour. Most pizza dough recipes contain a higher amount of gluten, which will make the dough soft, and elastic and give the bread cake a good rise. An important point is to knead the dough correctly. It requires fine wheat flour, natural oil, dry or live yeast, water or milk, sugar, and salt. No eggs, as you can see.

Is dough made with eggs?

So, does pizza dough have eggs or no?

In the past, many people made pizza dough on ordinary dough. But it turned out to be more like an open pie than an Italian world-famous dish.

In Italy, since the 17th century, a new profession has emerged that has emerged from the workshop of ordinary bakers – pizzaiolo. That is, people learn this craft. Do you want to eat pizza dough no worse than in a pizzeria? So, try to avoid eggs.

Most pizza dough recipes are quite easy. Then write down our tips for making pizza dough from the most famous pizza restaurants and pizza makers.


The secret of a successful pizza dough lies in its main components which are almost the same as a most famous pizza restaurant.

  • There is nothing exotic in them, all products are quite simple
  • These are a pound of flour
  • a glass of milk or water
  • 20 grams of vegetable oil
  • half a teaspoon of salt and sugar
  • 7 grams of yeast

Simple and does not need eggs or even only egg whites isn’t it?

But if you make your pizza dough like normal dough, you end up with a puffy tortilla that makes the topping look like a thin layer of butter on a thick slice of bread.

Pizza preparation


It should be wheat, the highest grade if you do not want to make gluten-free pizza dough. It must be sifted to break up lumps and saturate with oxygen. Sometimes starch or a little cornmeal is added to the classic version of pizza dough if the recipe calls for it. That’s what professional pizza chefs do.


It is better to take dry ones, as they are stored longer and wake up faster than fresh ones. You should measure 7 grams per pound of flour.

Milk or water

The liquid for kneading should be moderately warm, and slightly hotter than body temperature. Thirty-seven degrees is the optimal environment for yeast activation. In a cold liquid, bacteria will not wake up, and in a hot liquid, they will immediately die.


Ideally, it should be olive, but refined sunflower will do. The main thing is to strictly observe the proportions so that the pizza dough is elastic. For a pound of flour, you need two tablespoons of butter. But for gluten-free dough, you can use coconut flour, rice flour or something like this. Modern pizzerias try to prepare gluten-free dough for their consumers.

Salt and sugar

Salt will make the pizza dough tasty, and sugar will help wake up the yeast culture. From the specified amount of products, the pizza dough for three pizzas of a standard size is obtained.

Mixing technology

  • Pour warm milk or water into a deep bowl. Add yeasts and stir until there are no lumps left. Then I pour in olive oil – strictly observing the proportions. I add sugar and salt to my pizza dough. Some people add egg whites but not me. Stir until the crystals are completely dissolved.
  • Now the most important thing is the addition of flour to pizza dough. No, this is not egg whites. The main thing here is to catch the right consistency. The pizza dough should be very elastic, and softer than warm wax. Put your pizza on a pizza pan. If it comes out liquid, you can add flour. But be careful: too steep pizza dough when baking comes out clogged, hard. You should work if you want a thin crust.
  • I have not yet reached such heights of skill, so I roll it out with a rolling pin and out on the greased bowl. After that dough rise and the pizza became tastier. If I don’t want to bake three pizzas at once, then I put the remaining pizza dough balls in a bag and put them in the freezer to prepare frozen pizza.

The most common yeast dough for thin pizza

A classic of the genre, which is one interpretation or another is served in all textbooks on Italian cuisine, which is used by chefs in eminent restaurants and which is most often used in standard recipes, and also in Ooni pizza dough recipe.


They usually do not need eggs but there are a lot of people who like to put egg yolk.

Pizza is the simplest and most affordable dish that can be found in almost any cafe. And that’s why cooking pizza is also very simple. Also, the pizza does not contain complex and hard-to-find ingredients that cannot be found in the simplest supermarket. The basic ingredients of simple pizza dough are water, yeast, flour, salt, and a little vegetable oil.

This mix is perfect to make your dough rise. And when you add eggs, you won’t be able to make that delicious crispy crust.

What pizza dough is considered classic?

Classic Margherita Pizza with Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

There is a classic pizza on a thin crust with a thin side, it is quite crispy. They love it in the north. In some places, they love such a crispy dough that they cook something like dry pita bread as a base, such a pizza is not cut – it breaks.

There are thick-crust pizza lovers: they usually ask for a double portion of the base. So we can say that there is pizza on a double dough – two balls of dough are combined and rolled out to the usual size (30 cm for the classics, for example). Neapolitan pizza has a very thick side and a very juicy and tender dough.

Easy sour cream pizza recipe

Experienced housewives who do not like to work with yeast dough prefer a pizza recipe with sour cream. Baking is very tasty and tender, and the base does not have to insist for a long time. The dough is kneaded very quickly. Its main component is thick sour cream. Of course, it will not turn out to be a classic pizza base, but also very worthy. Most importantly, the dough does not need to be insisted on, it is ready to use immediately after kneading!

Yeast puff pastry for pizza

Domino’s Pizza restaurant staff are ready to share the domino’s pizza dough recipes like papa john’s pizza dough for kneading the base for a real Italian dish. But our pizzas do not contain eggs or other animal products to avoid dairy allergies for our consumers. How long does pizza dough last in the fridge?

Same thing for papa john’s pizza which dough does not contain eggs as well. Egg-free pizzas are very tasty. Following the step-by-step description of the process, even beginners will get an appetizer with a unique taste and alluring aroma.

Are you interested does pizza dough have eggs?

Ingredients for perfect pizza like in pizza hut by professional pizza chefs:

  • olive oil (unrefined) – 1-2 tbsp. l.
  • purified water – 150 ml
  • sifted wheat flour(or rice one to make gluten-free pizza dough) – 2 tbsp.
  • salt and sugar – 1 tsp
  • dry yeast – 1 tsp

Step-by-step recipe:

  • Water must be heated to t 37.5 degrees and yeast is dissolved in it. Put the liquid in a warm place for 5-7 minutes.
  • In a separate bowl, mix the flour, salt, and sugar then carefully combine the dry ingredients with the yeast that has come up
  • Now everything must be thoroughly kneaded until a homogeneous, elastic dough is obtained
  • Lubricate the mass with olive oil and knead well again so that it becomes more pliable and fragrant.
  • Such a blank must be put for 1.5 hours in a warm place, covered with a clean cloth or cling film
  • Approached (increased several times the dough) can be divided into 2 parts and then form cakes from it

What does pizza dough recipes contain?

So where does the pizza dough start?

  • What is the difference between pizza dough and baguette dough and bun dough? The composition is basically the same – flour, albeit of different varieties, and water … In general, in my opinion, the key difference between pizza hut and home-cooking is in the proportions.
  • This is what affects the final splendor, the behavior of the dough, and its taste. It is very convenient to operate with a baker’s percentage when the entire weight of flour and sugar is taken as 100%, and everything else is a fraction of its weight.
  • For example, if the weight of flour is 1kg and the weight of water is 0.8kg, then the moisture content of the pizza dough is 80%. Dough moisture in % is where I start. In general, I noticed the following – by increasing the % of water in the pizzas, it becomes more difficult to knead and sculpt – it is sticky and soft.
  • Personally, we use dough with 60% moisture as the most versatile – it’s white bread, white rolls, and pie bases. 70% is pizza and tortillas. 80% are extra fluffy flatbreads, extra fluffy pizza, ciabattas, and baguettes. Our pizza dough does not contain eggs to avoid allergic reactions for our egg allergy consumers. So, if you ask pizza dough have eggs our pizzas are egg-free.
  • But for pizza, our choice is 70%. For me, this is the golden mean – it is no longer dense bread dough, but not yet capricious and difficult to mold wet dough. It is easy and convenient to work with him.
  • I will talk about my basic recipe, which I do in 80% of cases – but I will try to add what will happen if I change something in the process (after all, experiments are the most interesting thing in cooking, right?).


Water should be cold (and preferably ice). If you want to experiment, you can replace part of it with milk, this is not canonical, but interesting – if you replace a quarter or even half of the water with milk.

And the pizza dough will be more moisture-intensive (it can take in more water without increasing stickiness), richer, and white – in general, the dough will become closer to baking. I usually only use water and no other ingredients, no need to put eggs and crust rise I have it 70%, or 700 grams per 1 kg of flour.


Flour – everything is more complicated here. Personally, I use to make flour for pizza, this is not an advertisement – it’s just something that is even in the top five and is available. To put it very briefly, flour is strong and weak, in strong, there is a lot of gluten and protein, in weak they are few.

If the flour is strong, then it will take in more water, and for example, a pizza dough of 70% strong flour will be easy to knead and will be obedient, and the same but from weak flour will be more sticky and amorphous.

In general, if you don’t find flour with high or medium protein content, just reduce the moisture content of the pizza dough from my pizza dough recipe by 10%. All these donuts, village girls are weak flour. I take 1kg of flour.


Yeast – in general, the best thing is sourdough, but I’m always lazy. Well, if you use sourdough, you already know better than me how to bake)) So I personally use dry ingredients and sugar, at the rate of 1 tsp per 1 kg of flour to taste richer.

The rule with yeast is simple – the more yeast is thrown in at the beginning, the faster and stronger the fermentation process will go, but the sourer it will taste, and vice versa. Less yeast – richer taste but the longer process, I read that the pros take literally 1/4 tsp per one pound
of flour. That’s what we like to do in papa John’s to taste richer. Papa john’s pizza dough is made with dry yeast.

Olive oil

Olive oil – you can put it in pizza dough, you can not. Put it a little bit – 2 parts per kg of flour. In theory, it slightly improves the taste and properties of the pizza, in practice, I didn’t really notice the difference.

If there is some dough left you can freeze it to make perfect frozen pizzas.

Related questions:

Does Little Caesars’ pizza dough have eggs in it?

Little Caesar’s pizza dough does not contain eggs.

Does Papa John’s pizza dough have eggs in it?

Papa John’s has three different types of dough or crust
Original Hand-Tossed Dough
Thin Crust Gluten-free crust
The gluten-free crust is the only one that has eggs.

Does Pizza Hut’s pizza dough have eggs in it?

The only pizza dough that contains eggs at Pizza Hut is Udi’s Gluten-Free Pizza Dough.

Does Papa Murphy’s pizza dough have eggs in it?

The only pizza dough that has eggs at Papa Murphy’s is Udi’s gluten-free pizza dough.


From what dough it is better to make pizza and how to stuff it, everyone decides for himself: this medicine conquered the whole world precisely with its versatility. When expecting guests and planning a theme party, it is worth preparing and preparing a real treat, paying special attention not to its composition, but also to the method of preparation – only preference should be given to baking in an oven or on a stone in Italy.

In a modest family circle, and even more so alone with yourself, you can forget about the rules and embark on the most daring experiments. Taking these recipes as a basis and connecting to fantasies, prepare any possible options for your favorite pastries – they will all turn out to be delicious, and juicy.

We hope that you have received an answer to your question and please leave a comment.

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