How To Thaw Pizza Dough: 3 Easy Ways To Defrost Pizza Dough

How to thaw pizza dough? Freezing homemade pizza dough (using pizza dough recipes)is convenient if you ever get confused about the quantity or want to make a small stock. Well-packaged pizza dough is hive away in the freezer for up to three months. This is enough to make a small margin.

Thaw pizza dough in dough balls slowly, preferably for a few hours or in the fridge overnight. So the homemade pizza dough can go again. If it necessitates being done quickly, you can leave it for later, but also save money, then the pizza will be a little cooler.

Where you can buy frozen pizza dough. First, do it yourself at home. Secondly, it is to buy in-the-store pizza dough and save it in a freezer bag.

What Is Pizza Dough?

Pizza dough is a universal idea for many housewives. After all, a homemade base is much tastier and more appetizing than a store-bought one. The culinary idea is useful for a simple and satisfying snack.

It may surprise you, but the first Italian pizzas were only with white filling. Only in the middle of the 18th century, chef and restaurateur Vincenzo Corrado reported in his book “Dal Cibo pitagorico over herbaceous per uso de’ Nobili e de’ letter” about the food habits of Italian aristocrats and writers and was amazed by the use of tomatoes in the fillings of Neapolitan pizza.

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According to the most famous legend, pizza with tomato sauce, known today as Pizza Margarita, was the idea of chef Raffaele Esposito. During her visit to Naples, Queen Margaret of Savoy summoned the owner of the best Neapolitan pizzeria. Inspired by the Italian flag, he served the popular queen a pizza with white mozzarella, red tomatoes, and green basil.

How to prepare the homemade pizza dough for freezing

  • We cool the blanks on parchment (or a towel) and, having laid the same parchment, wrap it in plastic wrap and that’s it.
  • We send it for storage either in the refrigerator during pizza dough is ready (it can lie for up to 5 days) or in the freezer. I prefer to freeze immediately.
  • The taste of this does not lose in the finished pizza at all, on the contrary, freezing pizza dough kills bacteria.
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Useful advice. If you want to freeze it, it is convenient to freeze pizza dough already rolled out. The different pizzas can be separated by a layer of baking paper each. Pizza dough must likewise be frozen in airtight packaging, otherwise, it will become dry.

How to make pizza dough

Step 1

To prepare pizza dough on dry yeast, you will need water, salt, sugar, dry yeast, olive oil, and flour.

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Step 2

In moderately warm water, dissolve sugar and yeast. Leave for 10 minutes for the yeast to swell. A small foam will appear on the surface.

Step 3

Sift flour and salt into a bowl.

Step 4

Make a funnel in the flour, and add olive oil.

Step 5

Pour in the yeast water, mix first with a spoon, then with your hands.

Step 6

Knead a homogeneous, soft, elastic dough. Cover the dough with a towel, and leave to rise for 25 minutes.

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Step 7

The dough has increased in volume by about half. The dough is ready. You can start forming the basis for pizza. How long should pizza dough rise?

How do you defrost pizza dough quickly?

There are 3 methods to thaw pizza dough. You can choose just the method that is right for you in terms of speed. First, you need to prepare the dough to thaw. Let’s figure it out:

Method 1. Defrosting in the refrigerator (refrigerator method)

Step 1

You should get on the freeze pizza dough ball in the plastic bag from your freezer.

Step 2

Take a dry bowl, and place your frozen pizza dough in plastic wrap on it. Do not forget to cover the dough with a lid. This is required so that the dough does not crawl out of your bowl during expansion, does not stain the refrigerator, and does not spoil your evening.

The toilet article of this method is that the pizza dough is thawed step by step, during thaw overnight.

Advice! Take a big defrosting bowl, because when you defrost pizza dough, the dough will change magnitude in size and pizza dough rise due to showing small bubbles to the activation of the yeast. It can find to rise after being frozen.

Step 3

Take out the dry bowl with your dough for the next morning. For 30 minutes, put your pizza dough on the table for 30 minutes. This is necessary so that your pizza dough at room temperature finally melts when the environment heats up. How long does pizza dough last in the fridge?

The approximate defrosting time is 8-12 hours

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Method 2.How to thaw pizza dough: Microwave method

Advice! You should be very careful, because You may accidentally cook the dough, although you did not achieve this effect. Do not leave the dough unattended for a long time in the microwave.

Step 1

Remove your frozen pizza in airtight bag dough from the freezer with plastic wrap.

Advice! It is not recommended to defrost puff pastry and yeast dough in the microwave, as it has a special structure that easily deteriorates due to high temperature and rapid defrosting. Baking from such dough is completely thawed blank may fail. The dough will not rise, it will become hard and bitter.

Step 2

Withdraw your frozen dough from the freezing plastic bag with some other plastic wrap in which the dough was hive away in the freezer.

Step 3

Put your frozen dough on a dish that you have previously greased with sunflower oil. What is it for? So that your pizza dough does not stick to the dish during the defrosting process.

Step 4

Spread over the defrosting pizza dough with a microwave-safe plate. This should be done then that your pizza dough is not directly heated. Direct heating can destroy the taste and consistency of your dough.

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Step 5

Set your microwave oven for the thawing process.

Step 6

Start the timer for 3 minutes.

Step 7

After the program is completely working, take away the dough from your microwave and let it proceed to defrost pizza dough at room temperature for 35 minutes.

Advice! If you necessitate defrosting pizza dough, be sure to remember an important condition — the dough should always be cool. With prolonged contact with hot water, and air, your dough for delicious pizza can deteriorate, and your labors will disappear. Upon contact with heat, a sharp activation of yeast dough inside occurs, therefore, the fermentation process starts. As a result of these chemical reactions, your dough evenly does not warm.

Advice! Do not overdo it and defrost the puff pastry until it becomes very soft. It will not fit well in the oven, it is harder to work with it. A kitchen towel, parchment paper or foil, previously laid out on the workpiece, will help from the appearance of a crust. The defrosted product should be rolled out with a rolling pin in only one direction to preserve the integrity of the layers. It is important to note that the dough cannot be frozen again.

The approximate defrosting frozen pizza dough time is 4-5 minutes.

Method 3. Defrosting pizza dough in the hot oven

There is no demand to defrost freezing pizza dough at room temperature.

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Step 1

Take a baking sheet and sunflower oil. Grease a baking sheet with oil.

Step 2

Cover the oven with a special film. Put the frozen pizza dough on it without plastic wrap.

Step 3

Place a hot oven with frozen pizza dough in a preheated oven.

Step 4

Set the timer for 1 hour.

Advice! Be careful and careful, if the pizza dough could not defrost after an hour of defrosting, then extend its stay on baking sheet for 30 minutes. Just don’t overdo it.

Step 5

Remove the pizza dough from the oven and leave it for about an hour. In order for the dough to finally defrost.

The approximate defrosting frozen pizza dough is one to two hours.

How long does pizza dough take to thaw?

Leaving the workpiece to thaw at room temperature is the most common option, but not the fastest. Some housewives defrost in the microwave, refrigerator, oven, or in water bath. How long is pizza good for left out?

Let’s see with what methods, and how much defrosting takes time.

Method 1. Defrosting in the refrigerator can take 8-12 hours.

Method 2. Bath with cold water on water bath can take an hour to two.

Method 3. The microwave oven is the most can take 4-5 minutes.

Method 4. Defrosting pizza dough in the hot oven can take for one to two hours.

The duration depends on the content of yeast in the pizza dough. The more yeast is used in the dough, the less time it takes. However, in the best case, the pizza dough should go in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours to get a really good result. Pizza dough with a high yeast content can also be baked for about two hours, but in the end, the pizza tastes more like yeast. The less yeast, the longer the pizza dough should rest.

How do you get pizza dough to room temperature quickly?

Defrost pizza dough and yeast dough: here’s how

It is better to let frozen yeast dough thaw slowly again. This is done very well in fridge overnight. During this time, the yeast dough can also dough rise once again. You can also defrost a yeast dough ball that you have frozen in a bowl at room temperature. To do this, dust the dough with a small magnitude of flour and cover the bowl with a material.

The pizza dough from the spring form pan is particularly practical, as it thaws faster due to the flat shape and you no longer have to roll it out. If you need to go fast, you can also skip the walking time when making dough and take the dough cakes directly from the ice tray. The pizza will then become more crispy.

Does frozen pizza dough need to rise after thawing?

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The most common question that housewives and men ask themselves when preparing pizza with purchased dough is whether the dough needs to rise or not. Unfortunately, the instructions on the back of the label do not say much about this topic. Sometimes they are even tricked into doing the wrong.

Although you can make a quick pizza if you do not let the dough rise, your cake will be dense, tough, and difficult for your body to digest. For a light and airy pizza, you should let the frozen dough thaw in the refrigerator for 1-2 days before molding.

Yes, this technique requires time and patience. But once you’ve tried them, chances are you’ll never go back to your old habits. How has this method proven itself for you? Let me know in the comments.

How To Thaw Pizza Dough: FAQ

Freeze rolled pizza dough with stuffing?

What you should not do is freeze pizza with stuffing in plastic wrap. You’d better leave it up to the big frozen pizza makers. If you freeze a pizza with a feeling, all the taste will be lost.
Namely, many ingredients can absorb cold water bath, and in the form, they do not taste as good as if you were cooking pizza fresh.

You can freeze the pizza topped with tomato sauce, however, I would prefer it to be separated into separate airtight containers for the best quality.

Is it possible to dramatically increase the temperature for defrosting pizza and not defrost at room temperature?

No. The temperature for frozen dough should be increased gradually. First, you need to send it to the refrigerator, then to the room, and only then place it near the heat source. Since it is absolutely impossible to defrost yeast dough sharply, this is the only optimal method.

It is impossible to ventilate the rooms and the formation of a draft during the increase in the size of the product (dough sits again and acquires its original shape).

Do not use fast techniques for thick layers, otherwise, they will stick together and lose plasticity. It is forbidden to re-freeze the product.

How to freeze tomato sauce for homemade pizza?

As soon as the sauce is ready (or two, or three!), let it cool. Then transfer to a freezer bag with zippered lids. Label with the date and put it on the bottom of the freezer.
Read it in an upright position for another 24 hours (think about the books in my life) and save a lot of space in the freezer!
Homemade pizza tomato sauce should be aged for about 10 minutes. Store in the freezer for about 6 months. To defrost, simply put one of the freezer bags in the refrigerator or place it in cold water or in a water bath and let the dough is completely thawed.
Preheat and season to taste (add a little salt and pepper)!

Can I Freeze Sourdough Pizza Dough?

Do not freeze sourdough pizza dough. All yeast dough is not suitable for deep freezing.

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Summing up the results on how to thaw pizza dough

Is it possible to freeze pizza dough? Pizza dough is great for freezing. You just have to make sure you freeze it before lifting it. In addition, the pizza dough must be packed hermetically. It can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months.

If the pizza dough needs to be defrosted, care should be taken to ensure that the defrosting process is gentle. This is the only way to treat the dough as fresh dough.

For this reason, frozen pizza dough should be stored in the refrigerator overnight and used the next day, as well as other options from the article.

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